Reading Time Part 2

What am I reading now?

Well, not right now...I'm blogging!

But when I stop typing, I'm going back to: The Trouble With Cowboys by Melissa Cutler. What a tasty little treat this book is!

I discovered this book many months ago when it was listed on Goodreads in one of their contests. Although I didn't win, the book was still on my 'To Buy' list. How could it not be? The title alone sold me, although the cover is pretty convincing too.

Since I run a book club, myself and my BFF(also in the club) decided on this book for November. The author is a sweetheart too. I was excited that while running errands I was able to score a copy of her Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Seduction Under Fire (another nice cover).

Speaking of covers- In choosing books, it's like food to me. In choosing food at least you can use your senses of smell, sight and even (pre) taste. Books.... sight is the cover(better be appealing) and taste- I'd liken that to an excerpt. 

Books like food, have to whet my appetite before I devour.

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