Reading Time

I love to read. LOVE IT. Like books are my drug of choice. I am truly an addict. I have so many books that if a Revoultion (LOVE THAT SHOW) type disaster occuried, I'd been able to provide kindling for years. Not that I'd ever set fire to my beloved books. Maybe one or two clunkers but even then. Plus the thought of dog earring pages or defacing a novel makes me feel a little bit queasy.

And I'll read almost anywhere or at any time. OK. So that's a bit of a lie. I draw the line at reading while...oh, say...DRIVING!  There are a few other places/times that aren't quite appropiate but I'll leave that up to you to ponder about.

I'll also read just about anything. I said just. My favorite is probably romance. I can give my mom credit for that. I often joke I was born with a book in my hands. You know, like on Family Guy? When Stewie is born with a map of Europe(victory is mine! lol)- well picture baby Cyndi with a paperback book.

And when I read- I get in such a zone that almost everything fades away. I was recently somewhere where I was able to get some reading in and I heard plenty of laughter only to find out several people had been repeatedly calling my name... uh...OOPS.

I love discovering new authors. I discover most of them through social media sites, word of mouth and my bible - RT Book Reviews.

I also run a book club(readers group) called Reading is Sexy. Two of my BFF's and a few other ladies are in the group. You should be a fly on the wall for some of those conversations- not for the faint of heart, or family friendly! :)  Although we don't always agree on what we read, we always have fun. There hasn't been any blood shed yet... well almost...!

The beauty of books is that there is something out there for everyone, and well, that's just plain fine in my book.
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