Book Bible

When I say book bible, I'm talking about  RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine.

I LOVE this magazine.

It literally is my go to each month to discover what's new and upcoming in the world of books.

This monthly magazine, in a nutshell, is just plain fun to read. I've even been known to haunt my local bookstore(s) impatiently awaiting each new issue.

I read it from to cover to cover (well almost) and  I even pay attention to those eye-catching ads (I have discovered books I'd have missed otherwise).

After I've read each issue, I grab my highlighter and go through it again and mark every book that has caught my attention whether I plan to buy it or not. Later, I'll use the computer to make those decisions and if it's going to be a purchase, I'll use a pen to write the release date next to the book.

I can't wait to see what the new issue holds.
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