Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

I have read the previous Friday Harbor books and I can say that this one is my favorite so far- we'll see if that changes with the release of Crystal Cove on 5February.

I found Dream Lake to have it all- it was sexy, had a bit of humor, was heartbreaking and beautifully written. That it had a touch of the paranormal only made it that much better. Also all of the characters are well developed.

The book does contain some serious subject matter: Alex starts off as an alcoholic and secondary character Emma is dealing with dementia and sun downing- however Kleypas handles these matters not only in a believable manner but with care and respect.

The heroine Zoe is a whiz in the kitchen and I often found myself drooling over the descriptions of her cooking, including the fact there is a touch of magic in it. Although I felt the conflict between Zoe and her father was not resolved at the end of book, the reaction that only he has to the meal she serves him (and the others) speaks volumes.

I am sad to think Crystal Cove could be the last book in this series. I say could because a girl can dream about more can't she?  


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