Shades of....

I'd like to start off by saying that I 've never been able to finish Fifty Shades of Grey.  When I bought it for my e-reader, back when it was just starting to gain notice,  I thought to myself if this book ever becomes as popular as its projected to be, I'll have it and that way I can see what all the fuss is about. Like I said. I've never been able to finish the book. And to be fair I have tried more than once to read this book. 

To continue, I have read romance books, including erotica (which is what Fifty Shades of Grey is classified as) since I was in grade school.

What? You say. Erotica in grade school??  Okay, so  maybe I didn't quite add that in till I was in high school, but I was still reading adult romances at a very young age.

But I've gone off topic.

My point is Fifty Shades of Grey kind of pissed me off.


There are and were too many authors to name that have been writing quality erotica for many many years that were looked down on and basically ignored until Fifty Shades of Grey came along.( Hell- it's a battle that romance readers and authors in general have faced and still face). These authors deserved the attention long ago and in my opinion, it is sad it took this long for them to gain the success they so rightly deserve(d).

I guess in a way Fifty Shades of Grey was a good thing for these deserving authors because it did finally give them the success so many of us dedicated fans thought they should have had years ago.

A later rather than never victory is still a victory.

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