To Buy or Not to Buy???

I freely admit I hoard books. I can't help it.

I've also got a Nook and Kindle Fire and have collected quite a collection of books on both devices but at least I can hide my obsession.

I can't help but look at the bookshelves or lack thereof when I visit people. It's not that I judge. But for me, I'm sorry. I kind of wonder about someone who doesn't have at least a small stack of books...anything...cookbooks, old college texts.. the classics... anything!

I'm sure they wonder about me too when they see my library. I enough books to last...years...and that's with reading one a day....maybe even every other day...

Most people have a hobby they spend they spend their money on, so I don't think buying books is any different.

However as time as gone on, and I freely admit I can't help myself, I buy and buy and buy and keep buying even though I'm far behind the author's series or just in reading in general.

Hey they are worse things I could be addicted too. Just promise me you won't laugh. I'll be the one smelling my books.
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