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I've been a bit behind on my book review blogging. Don't you hate it when life interrupts your reading? I know I sure do! LOL

So I'll get to the point and keep my reviews short and sweet and to the point.

CRAVE: When I read the first book in Ward's Fallen Angel Series(Covet), I was pretty bummed. It was kind of disappointing. Not the case with Crave. It was much more in line with what I expect from her. Exciting, fast paced and beautifully written with characters to die for!

SACRIFICE OF PASSION: I like the paranormal idea, but wished Ramirez developed it and the characters a bit better.  The heroine also does something (in the past) that I just could not get over, so I never really cared for her. Ramirez writes well enough that I would try another book by her.

A REAL COWBOY: This was fast paced read with an enjoyable story line, setting, and characters. I will be reading Anderson again. Plus how can you not LOVE the cover, plus he's a cowboy!
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