Time Travel Anyone??

I have nothing against time travel (romances). One of my very favorite books is a TT romance- A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.
the geek girl and the scandalous earl was a light easy read. Our heroine Jamie, is thrust back into time. She is likable enough even though it annoyed me that she called the hero Mike instead of his given name of Micah. She also finds herself in one too many dangerous situations for my liking. These incidents in turn affect Micah's behavior, which rather than make him more of a strong alpha hero, kinda make him weaker(and not in a good/romantic way). And I didn't care for the way some of the love scenes were written.
However, there are some moments in this book that are really good- like ones between Jamie and Baron (Micah's dog) or when Jamie tries to explain to Micah what a modern couple might do on a date, or Micah's discovery of Angry Birds.
The book was nicely drawn out, despite the pacing in last 30 pages or being a bit too fast. I know it sounds like I didn't care for this book but I really did and despite the issues I had with it, I will say I enjoyed it enough that I will buy the next book by Ms. Lamm.
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