For some people, family is everything. And I truly believe that you can be part of a family in many ways- including but not limited to blood, marriage, adoption, work and friends(that includes social media). So I'd first like to say on this day, I am truly thankful and blessed to have so many people that I care about and that care about me in all of my families.

Now on to today's blog.

This wasn't as easy as I thought. 

There are way too many great families in the romance series that are out there.

But........ I suppose if I had to pick ONE of my favorites....

Velvet Promise (Montgomery Saga, #1)

It would have to be the Montgomery/Taggart families. 

And anyone that has read the books and gotten to know BOTH families can understand why I actually chose both. Although The Velvet Promise (depending on exact you want to be) introduces the Montgomery Family, one of my FAVORITE books in the series is actually...

The Raider (Montgomery #7)

Which actually introduces the Taggart's.  And I so LOVE the hero in this book(who is actually a Montgomery).  

I'm not going to go and ruin things by talking on and on about these books, except to say they are worth checking out.

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