It's another Book Club Thursday.... 

This week we are talking about what reading means to us.

I didn't really have many friends as a kid.  I actually had HUNDREDS. 

Okay, so I'm writing a bit of fiction here. LOL

My friends were books. 

I was bullied quite a bit and didn't fit in or have lots of school mates that I got close too. 

I was lucky enough that my mom instilled in me a great LOVE for the written word. In fact, I was reading at an advanced level in 6th grade (special reading books had to be obtained for myself and about four others and when those ran out our teacher didn't know what to do because we were actually ready for college level books at that point).  

I'm rarely without a book and often joke that I was born with a book in my hands which is kind of played into my blog title.  I also can't pass up looking at books- whether they are at the grocery store, gas station, book store OR on your book shelves! I own way more books than I will ever read, and have them in almost every room of my house. One is almost always in my purse and I have e-reader apps on my smart phone so I always have access to books that way too.

Plus there's nothing like holding a book in your hands; the joy of opening that cover and maybe the bittersweet feeling you get when you turn that last page. And I guess I'm a bit of an odd duck- but I will read each page- if an author has taken the time to write acknowledgements, Dear Reader Letters, dedications, notes etc etc, I will read them( I kind of even like them because sometimes I learn things I would otherwise miss).

Addicted? Yup.

Obsessed? Uh, yeah.

In love? Without a doubt. 

Reading to me is a very personal thing. It can be comforting, life saving. It can lift your spirits and allow you to escape real life for a few hours as you turn the pages. It means love, life, laughter, joy, sadness, inspiration, and anger(yep -I think we've all read a few books we've wanted to throw against the wall). It can also be transforming, enlightening, informing....Oh how I could go on and on....But if you read, you know what I mean.

I also will read just about anything. I read non-fiction, comics, and most genres in fiction (although a bulk of what I do read is third person point of view romance).

Because reading is so personal too me, I take HUGE offense to people (other readers or non-readers) that make negative comments about what I choose to read. I'd rather you keep your negative insensitive hurtful comments to yourself.  If you don't like a particular type of book or author just say "Not my cup of tea". If I ask you to elaborate, then let's talk.  If we've both read the same book or agree to engage in a solicited conversation then I guess all bets are off. But I always try to be respectful when I talk about books/reading because of how I sometimes feel attacked. Think if it this way- if you were reading a book(maybe even one you loved) and someone else said that you were stupid and had no life for liking that type of  book WHY THE HELL WOULD SAY THE SAME THING TO ME? 

Maybe you are reading this and are nodding your head in agreement. Or maybe you think I'm off my rocker for being so intensely passionate about books.  But I think a true reader will get, at heart, what I'm saying. Again, reading is very personal to me. I won't go into listing any favorites(you can check my side bar or blog tab for that- although I am a bit behind on updating!) 

I would LOVE to hear about what books and reading means to you. Share a title or two that has helped you through a rough patch or lifted you up. Or maybe share one that  made you scratch your head. Let's talk books!

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