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This week we are chatting about topics we think have been overdone and topics we don't care for.

I'll admit that I'll read some pretty out there fiction, If you want some examples,  comment below - I'd love to hear what you read that you think fits that category. In fact, sometimes what I read might contain topics that some readers might think are pretty explicit, out there, or just plain weird. Not much offends me; in fact sometimes if a book is labeled as offensive/extreme that draws me to it. However, I do tend to avoid books that glorify/contain excessive violence towards children or animals just for the sake of being shocking.  I'm not talking about suspense/thrillers/horror where, yeah sometimes our serial killer/monster/creature victimizes a child or animal(because that's kind of typical in those books).

Moving on - Overdone topics- things I don't care for? (And I'm talking romances here)

In no particular order:

Virgins: Maybe in a paranormal depending on the circumstances but in today's day and age- YAWN.

YOUNG heroines or heroes: I don't want to read about characters in my (strictly romances) that are twenty somethings. Especially my heroes. Which brings me to: 

HUGE age differences:  In paranormals or UF that's okay usually because your immortal/shifter ETC usually has been around for a LONG time but in regular romances.... um don't want to read about a 20 year age gap couple..... 

Secret Baby: If he leaves before she or he knows there's a baby that's different then her KEEPING the baby/pregnancy a secret from him (NOT A FAN).

Amnesia: YAWN

The Triangle: I don't know what else to call this. But those books where the hero/heroine are previously  married to/engaged to/involved with the hero/heroine's brother/sister/best friend before ending up with each other. Make sense? Not to me. If I was single and ended up with a friend's ex, I'd expect her to deck me and vice versa. 

Lots of the topics are so soap opera like and most of them are typical of category style romances (which I rarely read simply for that reason).

Now there are authors that write the above themes very well. And sometimes in (very very)limited doses I'll read a book with the above themes. 

I'd love to hear what you think, so comment below. 

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