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Thanks for stopping by this week.  In fact thanks for being part of our Book Club Thursday this year. I look forward to sharing my love for the written word for another year with everyone. 

This week we are chatting all about hero professions/careers in the books we read. Specifically ones that each of us are tired of. For me, I'm mainly talking contemporary romances here.

So here are mine- in no particular order.... well okay... my biggest pet peeve is listed FIRST but after that, they are in no real order.....


To me this is overdone. And lots of times sports heroes can fall here. 


I know it's a very "IN" topic right now. I'm not talking about Historical Westerns either (not a huge fan of those either).


I know it's another popular one. And no disrespect is meant to the men (and women) that have served, currently serve, or will serve. 


I don't mean the FBI or CIA or other secret government groups. In fact most of the time the LEO's I read about are Detectives. Give me a regular beat cop for a change.   

To be honest, I think my problem with what I've mentioned is nothing is really that fresh anymore. I get that there are only so many threads/themes/plots etc that can be played out and developed when you have heroes in the above mentioned groups. Again, I know hero types that are popular come and go but I can't recall the last time I read a hero that was a doctor, or a teacher or a chef ..... 

Now there are some great authors that I'll read and LOVE that write heroes like I've listed above(Paige Tyler, Julie Ann Walker LOVE LOVE LOVE them) but those are my authors..... (yeah I know I don't make much sense.... LOL) 

So what about you? Any particular hero type you're tired of reading about?

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