This week BCT is having a theme. Pet Peeves.  If you have ever followed or read any of our blogs, for time to time you might have read about things that annoy us when it comes to our love of all things books.

This week we are specifically devoting our BCT Post to our pet peeves. I apologize in advance, cuz I'm on a huge soapbox below. 

A few of my pet peeves, in reality, are no fault of the author:

Covers. Most authors have no say so about what ends up on their cover. However, the art department etc is CLUELESS sometimes! You can't tell me that it's that hard to make sure things are correct! Like hair color, or if the book features a dog and a cat is on the cover instead, or even if a little boy plays into the plot but a baby girl is on the cover. Eye roll. Again, I know an author typically isn't responsible, but I'm someone who LOVES covers and have bought or passed over a book by the cover alone. 

Speaking of...how about back cover/ about the book blurbs etc  
Probably something an author can't control, but again can't someone who has read the book write the copy? Make sure no secrets are given away? That the names are right? This also ties into something I've listed below as my last peeve. 

Hardcover. Again, I know this is something an author probably doesn't have any control over. I don't really mind a hardcover per se. What gets me is when the author is in the middle of a series all previously in paperback format, and then suddenly the series moves to HARDCOVER. ARGH! I'm glad for the author, but I've dropped some books in this format -at least until the paperback releases. Or if an author suddenly becomes a huge hit (props to the author) and suddenly their backlist of hard to find/out of print paperbacks, get re-printed in... yeah you guessed it... HARDCOVER.

And I've noticed a very sneaky thing recently...in some outlets, some books have been deeply discounted...BUT their price has gone UP! So really, how good is that "sale"??

Other things that irk me are when an author drops the ball on a plot point, or mistakes the age of a character (example:opening pages the heroine is 28, and fifty pages later she is suddenly 30 but the timeline hasn't moved two years).   

Lastly, and these are newer pet peeves of mine, and probably my biggest...

Books marketed with what I consider an adult contemporary style of romance (or paranormal or Erotica) but with characters that are more suited to the label of New Adult, because really, isn't this just the new "chick lit". 

Don't ask me to explain, because it's hard to put into words. And for the record, what very very little New Adult I read is marketed as such, so I know what I am getting. 

But when I read about a book by cover copy or blurb (or the cover itself looks one way)and it seems like one thing, but then it ends up being a book about 18-20-ish heroes and heroines still in college /just out of school, trying to find themselves BUT oh my God, there's a serial killer on the loose, and let's go out drinking and dancing before going home and trying out some bondage... QUADRUPLE ARGH!

Hey, authors can write what they want. I'll either buy it or not. But I don't like feeling like I was tricked or duped into buying something thinking it'll be one thing but finding out it's another.

And the funny thing... with today's social media, websites, etc , there should be no real reason why any author shouldn't be able to put a decent excerpt from their work(s) out there(and I'm taking a few pages at least) ESPECIALLY prior to a book's RELEASE.  But I guess in a way, in doing that, it could both harm and help an author's pre-sales. But by doing that, it could and would certainly give the reader a pretty specific idea of the flavor/style of the book.  

Also speaking of author social media or websites- I get that due to deadlines etc one might not be able to keep up with them on a very regular basis... but isn't there someone who could (friends, family, street teams, agent etc). It sucks to check out an author's page etc and to not have any updated anything in months or years!

Thanks for listening to me whine out of my food hole. Ha!

I hope I made some sense. I'd love to hear your Pet Peeves relating to books. 



Karen@The Many Faces of Romance




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