31 January 2016


Alexandria Roe's haunted past comes to life when she turns sixteen. Her hallucinations and fevers spark a premonition of her family's death. A darkness shadows her, but her struggle for answers lead to more than she bargained. Will she be consumed by her fears or overcome what waits beyond the horizon?

A Dragon Lord from the Northern Isles of Alabass conquers all kingdoms in his wake. He hungers for power, but thirsts for the three amethysts. Each gem's unique ability is absorbed by the person that wields it. If all three are united, the power will bring to life the scepter, which unlocks the ancient prison. What lies in the depths can only be discovered by the holder of the Temperament Scepter.



30 January 2016


Steamy Romance (Biker and Bad Boy)

Date of Publication:  Feb 8 (currently available for preorder)

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A Collection of Bad Boy, Biker and Alpha Romance Stories

Featuring New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. 12 top selling authors bring you 12 never-before-published Hot and Steamy Romance stories

Christine Bell - SWITCHBLADE

Michael Blade has always thought of Kaitlin Pepper as the irritatingly prissy girl next door, but when she mistakes him for his twin and shows up at his house wearing only a trench coat and a shaky smile, he starts to reconsider...

Bella Wild - BAD BOY BIKER

Jessie used to think being a parolee psychologist was her way of helping ex-cons get a second chance as they integrated back into society--until she met Jace. He's the angry, inked, biker ex-con who refuses rehabilitation and insists on getting under her skin.

Sierra Rose - FORBIDDEN

This is the fu---- up version of Romeo and Juliet MC Club style...imagine Juliet a pistol, and Romeo a sexy, bad ass with wicked tats....oh, did I mention there's lots of cursing, leather-clad bikers, motorcycles, and sex?


Katie's not your usual rich girl, and Morgan's not your typical biker. Falling for each other is inevitable, but what will happen when their worlds collide?

Dale Mayer - SALVATION

Beaten. Broken. Finished.

An abused wife meets the most unlikeliest of angels - a man who looks like the very devil himself. He won't let her give up. Nor will he let her go. Will he be yet another captor or will he become her salvation?


He'd loved her for as long as he could remember, but he would never pursue her, because he alone knew he was responsible for the one thing she would never forgive anyone for. When she starts to pursue him though, he doesn't think he can keep his distance.

Cassie Alexandra - TAMING THE BIKER

After a short fling with hell-raising womanizer, Taylor (Tail) Adams, Lauren Macey discovers that she's pregnant with the biker's child. Knowing that the MC lifestyle isn't what she wants for their baby, and that Tail isn't exactly 'father' material, Lauren decides not to tell him. This proves challenging, especially when she realizes that he isn't ready to end their affair...


Morgan and Jazz have dealt with most of the horrific problems that plagued their fledging relationship, at least they hope so. But just as one horrific set of troubles falls away, another interesting one comes into play. Will they survive this one too?

C.J. Pinard - ANTIHERO

Can a street punk on the wrong path be transformed into a military killing machine? Once he's been"rehabilitated", Ellis Anderson is determined to show the woman he loves that he's nothing like both the lives he's left behind. But actions speak louder than words - and he has a lot of work ahead of him.

C.C. Cartwright - JUST LOVE ME

Justin can't get Sloane out of his head. He pushes her away for being his little sister's best friend, but now that she's filled out in all the right places, will he be able to resist the innocent, yet enticing woman she has become?

Bella Love-Wins - DOG

Kane is now top dog in the Rugged Angels MC, and has slept with half the eligible biker chicks in Tucson. He meets his match when Kim, daughter of his club's former president, just won't give in to his usual tricks.


District Attorney Eric Steel is used to getting his way, and when he meets the new intern hired for his team, he wants her: preferably stripped down and bound to his bed. From the moment Crystal Reid first obediently whispers "Yes, Mr. Steel," he knows she's perfect for him. He has less than 1 week to convince her...and he doesn't plan on taking no for an answer.

Kendra Wild - BADASS

The company recruited Nick Taylor from the US Army Special Forces and turned him into a mean machine. His first undercover assignment - to pursue and protect Nicole Hunt, a crucial federal witness with dark secrets

Featured Excerpts

Forbidden by Sierra Rose Excerpt.
“I can’t stop thinking about her,” I said.
“She’s off limits. You know that. Her old man will shoot you dead. So stay the fuck away from that broad!”
“But I love a challenge…The more I can’t have her, the more I want her.”
“C’mon, man. She’s forbidden fruit.”
“I want to snatch that fruit off that tree…and just take one taste.”
“Look what happened to Eve,” he said. “Except she’ll make out better than you will. Because you’ll be dead when her dad catches you sniffing around his precious princess. You can’t pursue a doomed romance.”
“Is there such a thing as forbidden soul mates?”
“That girl will rip your soul in half.”
I laughed.
He sipped his beer. “There’s never a dull moment with Selene.”
“No, there’s not.”
“But seriously? Is she worth dying for? You need to ask yourself that question.”
“I’ve asked myself that question a million times. And it’s why I stay away.”
“Then keep doing what you’re doing. Because it’s good for your health. And why do you want to get involved with a crazy girl, anyway? She pushes the limits and constantly rides the edge.”
“And she does it fearlessly. That’s what I love about her. She’s not like any other girl I’ve ever met. She’s got spunk. She’s smart, spontaneous, a thrill-seeker, a risk-taker, and she loads of fun. Did I mention the fact she drives me absolutely insane? And her smile… There is nothing sexier to me than a woman’s smile.”
“I think it’s the thrill of the hunt. Men are aggressive by nature, and once we devour our prey, we’re off on the next hunt.”
“It’s more than that. She challenges me…inspires me like no other girl.”
“She’s toxic,” he said.
He threw his arms up in the air. “Okay, I give up. I think you’ve lost your mind because all you think of is the crazy sex you’ll get.”
“Crazy in the best way possible. But she’s not a whore. Crazy, yes. Loose? No. She doesn’t sleep around. She’s just wild and carefree.”
He nodded. “Selene’s like a wild horse that can’t be broken.”
“I’ll break her. You can count on that.”
“You tame her? Good luck. Besides, the wild ones are rarely relationship material anyway.”
“Who says I’m looking for a relationship?”
Lexy Timms Billionaire Biker
Tall, lean and curved in all the right places. Her breasts were on full display in a crisp red top that contrasted perfectly with her wide-legged white slacks. Her blondish-brown hair had been twisted into a perfect fishtail braid and the expensive, oversized sunglasses on her face hid her eyes but not her straight nose or full, lush mouth.
She was definitely in the wrong place. Morgan had seen her type before, curious rich girls from the other side of town slumming it up in the biker bar, grabbing their chests in excitement as they eagerly stepped in the door, blinking from the strong sunlight outside.
None of them ever dared to cross that threshold during the night hours, they came in the day—usually with one or two of their friends, all of them giggling madly at their own daring. Morgan tossed back a shot and watched her. He wasn’t the only one. Heads turned all over the place.
During the day the crowd was not so much biker as it was folks who just liked to ride. There was a definitive difference. Most of the people seated at the tables or who bellied up to the bar didn’t wear a patch, and if they did, those colors belonged to small obscure clubs, little vanity clubs made up of rich guys who wanted to be bikers on the weekends, and hedge managers during the week. The woman strolling across the floor fit in with them, for all he knew she was there to meet one of them.
Her perfume hit his nose. It was spicy and rich, and her ass was on full display as she leaned across the bar, causing those pants to pull taut across the pert slopes of her bottom. His eyes went right to those firm, uplifted cheeks.
Her voice, a sweet and slightly husky thing, filtered through the air as she said, “I’d like Maker’s Mark and a twist of lemon. Just a twist, not a huge wedge please.”
Jack, the burly bartender, gave her a filthy look and stalked off. Her red-hued nails tapped the bar. Morgan shook his head and took another sip of his drink. He had more important things to think about than this woman, but he couldn’t seem to get his mind off her, or his eyes either.
“He’s probably going to give me the whole damn lemon.”
There was amusement in her voice. Her fingers lay on the bar and he stared down at them before saying, “You’ll be lucky if he only gives you one.”
“Damn! Hoisted by my own petard. Or pickiness. Whichever suits the current situation.”
He chuckled, surprised by her wit. She whipped the glasses off to reveal a set of baby-blue eyes surrounded by a thick fringe of black lashes. He looked away. He had to keep his mind focused. Dealing with Craig was always tricky, dealing with Craig when he’d pulled some dumb-fuck move that could get the whole club in trouble was worse. The last thing he needed was to be distracted.
But what a freakin’ beautiful disaster of a distraction.
Jack came back and plunked a heavy tumbler filled with two fingers of whiskey onto the counter. He held the lemon half up in the air and gave it a hard twist. Morgan winced as a long squirt of lemon juice filled the glass, causing the lovely amber whiskey to turn cloudy.
Jack said, “With a twist, just like you ordered.”
Her hand shot out. She picked up the glass and turned it up, drinking down the vile-looking concoction. She set the glass down and gave Jack a creamy smile. “Perfect. Thanks. How much?”
She had guts. Morgan admired that and he saw the unwilling grin tugging at Jack’s lips. Morgan leaned in. “I got it.”
Jack nodded and walked away.
Her head turned. “Thanks but that’s not necessary.”
A closer look revealed her youth. Early twenties. Morgan grinned and shook his head. “I can’t believe you drank that.”
Her smile widened, revealing square white teeth. “I won’t believe it either later, I’m sure.”
He laughed, he couldn’t help it. He also couldn’t help asking, “No offense but what brought you in here, to the Orphan Pint bar?”
She sighed. “I’m escaping my boss.”
“I see.”
She checked her watch and rolled her eyes. “I should probably get back.”
“Or quit your job.”
“Wouldn’t that be nice? Just chuck it all and walk away.”
“It is.” His eyes met hers. “What do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?”
Her teeth went to her bottom lip. “I’m an assistant.”
“Like a personal assistant?”
“Yes.” She thought for a moment and added, “For the Wilkes family.”
Just Love Me – By C.C. Cartwright
Justin POV.
I’m enjoying a day at the beach and my sister Kylie shows up with her little posse of girlfriends. None of them are much to look at, except for one, and she looks vaguely familiar.
I admire her from a distance for a good part of the day. As I play volleyball with my buddies, she comes and watches. Of course I put on a show for her. You see, I’m Gods gift to women. I have a hard, lean body, which I work hard at maintaining, and the chicks dig it. I see Kylie’s sexy friend looking in my direction.
We take a break and decide to go and cool off in the waves. While my buddies and I are body surfing, I see Kylie’s enticing friend standing at the water’s edge in her teeny weeny bikini. I decide to venture onto shore and approach her as I walk out of the water.
“Hi Justin, don’t you remember me?” I hear a very feminine voice greet me as I walk up to her.
“Wait a minute, is that you, Sloane?” I finally realize who she is.
“Yes, don’t you recognize me?” She shoves me teasingly with her soft hands, making the skin on my wet chest sizzle.
“You’ve grown up,” I say, making no bones about eyeing her from head to toe and she actually blushes.
“So I’ve been told,” she says.
“How long has it been since I’ve laid eyes on you?” I eye her again.
“Too long,” she says in her seductive voice.
“What are you up to now?”
“I’m in my last year at Pepperdine,” she replies. So she is still local for me and my ears perk up, as well as other parts of my body.
“How about you?”
“I live and work in LA now,” I reply.
“Oh, that’s right, Kylie told me.”
The amount of sex appeal she packs in that petite frame of hers would have a guy hard in seconds. I’m already dying to get in between those long, sexy legs of hers. I can tell she knows it by the way she moves and tilts her head and pierces me with those sultry, exotic eyes of hers. The way her lips move leave me fantasizing about having them wrapped around me.
Her voice is the perfect combination of deep and throaty, yet it has a flirtatious lilt to it. Seriously, she could bottle it and sell it like an expensive perfume.
From eyeing her in her tiny bikini, which leaves little to the imagination, I peg her measurements to be 34-24-34 of pure perfection. She’s probably a C cup, a large handful, which looks even larger on her svelte body. She catches me eyeing her like a dog does with a bone. Yes, I want to consume her. But I have to approach this one just right. She definitely gets her share of attention and can pick and choose who she lets into her bed, would be my guess.
Judging by the way she sways those curvaceous hips of hers, she ain’t a virgin. She has probably heard every line that a guy on the make can throw her way. I need to think of my approach, although I have never had a problem getting what I want from the female persuasion. Girls flock to me and my rock hard body that I keep up by hitting the gym several times a week.
On top of her enticing physical attributes, she is articulate and smart. I find this to add to her appeal, not take away from it. I’m not like most guys, I need a girl who is smart and will challenge me to hold my interest. She tells me she’s still in school, studying business law at Pepperdine.
I myself just graduated. Set myself in a cool bachelor pad overlooking the city in one of those high-rise condos in Downtown LA. I just started working at Goldman Sachs as an up-and-coming Investment Banker.
As our beach party winds down, I manage to score Sloane’s number and a date with her for next Saturday night. I'll be counting the days until I can get my hands on that sinful body of hers.

About the Authors

Featuring New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. 12 top selling authors bring you 12 never-before-published Hot and Steamy Romance stories

Lexy Timms, Sierra Rose, Bella Love-Wins, Christine Bell, Bella Wild, Dale Mayer, Lisa Ladew ,Cassie Alexandra, C.J. Pinar), C.C. Cartwright, Kendra Wild, Kylie Walker

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29 January 2016


Enter to Win a

The Scorpius Syndrome #1
Rebecca Zanetti
Releasing on January 26, 2016

With nothing but rumors to lead her, Lynne Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man—a mysterious, damaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong. He’s more than muscle and firepower—and in post-plague L.A., he’s her only hope. As the one woman who could cure the disease, Lynne is the single most volatile—and vulnerable—creature in this new and ruthless world. But face to face with Jax Mercury…

Danger has never looked quite so delicious…

Buildings crumbled like they always had in the rough area of L.A., and shadows lingered, like before, waiting to harm. But these were different. Jax wandered down the street, looking for survivors, when the patter of gunfire stopped him cold.
            The small distribution center. Shit.
            Dodging into a run, he hurried around rusting cars to the warehouse, finding a group of Twenty gang members firing on a huge black guy wearing a bloody football jersey. The man looked familiar and seemed to be protecting the warehouse.
            Keeping out of sight, Jax had angled around to the back, only to find a bunch of elderly people and kids hiding in the warehouse near a barrel of what looked like toasted oats.
            The gang would kill them without a thought.
            Jax hustled by them, gun out, and inched up behind the football player’s side. “I’m with you.”
            The guy half turned, a wild glint in his dark eyes. “You sure?”
            “Yep. Jax Mercury.” He angled farther and fired, clipping a Twenty member in the side, having given up his allegiance the second he’d taken his oath in the military. “You have any combat experience?”
            “Wyatt Quaid. No.”
            “From the Niners?” Jax took aim and fired again. A yelp of pain filled the afternoon.
            Wyatt fired and hit the dirt. “I used to be.”
            “Go left, and I’ll go right,” Jax said, shifting into command mode. For now, he had a mission, and he’d win it.

            “Jax?” Wyatt asked, yanking him back into the present.
            “Is your stomach okay?”
            “No.” Wyatt grimaced. “You ready?”
            The back door to the cavernous space opened, and a group of twenty people filed in. They wore torn clothing but had jackets and hand-stitched patches on their arms showing they’d completed the training for scavenging. Jax breathed out. “Fuck, they’re young.”
            Wyatt winced. “No shit.”
            “They’re supposed to at least be sixteen years old,” Jax muttered.
            “They are.” Wyatt stood. “Line up.”
            The kids, and there was no doubt they were kids, formed two lines of ten. Jax shoved to his feet, eyeing them. A couple kept his gaze, while several more dropped theirs to the floor. “How many sections are there inside our grid?” he asked.
            “Seventeen,” a blond girl in the back said.
            The girl should’ve been planning for college and going to dances, not memorizing the layout of their territory. “Good. How many sections outside to the west?”
            “Fifty sections straight west,” a kid barely sporting a goatee said from the left.
            “Good.” Jax walked back and forth in front of the line. The kids were smart so far. “Do you ever go out of your ordered area?” he asked.
            “Only in extreme situations to avoid Rippers.” The blonde spoke up again.
            “What’s a Ripper?” Jax asked.
            A couple of the kids chuckled. “Zombies,” one muttered.
            Jax cut a hard look at Wyatt.
            Wyatt shook his head. “Zombies don’t exist, dumbass.”
            The kid with the goatee shot an elbow into his buddy’s gut. “We know that. First of all, zombies aren’t real.” He stood at attention. “Second of all, if zombies did exist, then they’d be what was left over after a human died. The person dies, and then the zombie bug takes over. Everyone who ever watched The Walking Dead knows that.” He sighed and looked down at his feet. “And third, zombies don’t exist in real life.”
            “That was number one,” his buddy drawled.
            “No shit.” The kid rubbed his eyes. “But if they’re still human, it seems like we could reason with them.”
            Jax rolled a shoulder. So long as the kids knew how to scavenge and how to defend themselves, he had to send them out. “You have to understand that the bacteria does not always kill human beings; sometimes the patient survives, but the Scorpius bacteria still remains within the body, stripping a small part of the brain. The contagion alters brain activity in everybody who is infected, but only turns half of the folks into killers. We don’t know why. It might have something to do with oxytocin, which is a chemical we think relates to empathy. Some folks lose it all, and some only part or none.”
            The kid nodded. “So there’s no hope for Rippers.”
            “No.” Jax kept the kid’s gaze. “Don’t try to reason with them. There are two main types of Rippers. The first is organized and intelligent like a serial killer. If one of these attacks you, it’s planned, and they have bad things in mind for you. The second is disorganized and just plain crazy, and they’re more likely to rip you apart like an animal. Run from either.”
            The kids started to shuffle their feet. Jax put bite into his voice. “When you’re out on mission, your goal is to be as quiet as possible. Don’t be seen, and definitely don’t be heard. What’s your motto?”
            “Shoot first, question later,” the kids said in unison.
            “Good.” Jax clasped his hands at his back and walked toward a small girl, another blonde, this one with bright blue eyes. What was her name? Haylee. Yeah, that was it. Her mother, April, worked as a cook at the soldier headquarters. “Who’s the enemy?” he asked softly.
            Haylee kept his gaze. “Everybody not in Vanguard.” Sadness and determination lifted her chin.
            “Yes. Out there you’ll find Rippers, rival gangs, and just ordinary people willing to kill you over a bottle of water. You wouldn’t be wearing that patch if you weren’t fit and prepared to fight.” He’d set the training requirements himself, and they included learning how to fight hand-to-hand, with a knife, and with guns. The kids were as much soldiers as scavengers, but he needed supplies more than protection right now. “We require medical supplies, food, water, and gas. Go out and find some.”
            Haylee drew in air. Her eyes held both an old wisdom and a desolate acceptance. “To what end?”
            Jax paused. “That’s a good question. Right now, it’s to survive. The bacteria is still running its course, Rippers are either getting reckless or planning big, and rival gangs want our supplies. For now, we fight.”
            She swallowed. “For now.”
            Smart kid. “Then hopefully we find a cure or at least a way to live with the infection, and we build anew.” Including some sort of civilization.
            “But now we fight,” she whispered, her face too pale.
            He tried to infuse confidence and arrogance into his voice. “And we win.”
            The kids stood at attention and then slowly filed out.
            Jax eyed Wyatt.
            “I know. They’re young and have no clue what a Ripper will do.”
            Yeah, but who did? Jax loped toward papers taped to the west wall where the entire seven square blocks of his territory had been painstakingly drawn. The outside buildings had all been fortified with turned-over trucks, vans, and other vehicles. Kids and the elderly were in the dead center near the hospital, which used to be an elementary school, and the current food depot, which had once been a small grocery store.
            He’d planned every single inch of Vanguard territory with protection and survival in mind for his force of five hundred people, but it was getting more difficult to keep the enemy outside. “We need to shore up the eastern edge,” he said, pointing to a series of old apartment buildings.
            Wyatt nodded. “We have a new force of soldiers ready to defend, but none have seen combat.”
            “They will soon enough.” Jax rubbed his left eye to get rid of the pain behind it.
            “When’s the last time you slept?” Wyatt asked.
            Jax shrugged. “Day before yesterday? Maybe?”
            Wyatt shook his head. “How do you do that?”
            “Military training.” Jax turned to recheck the security for headquarters. Training wasn’t all, though, was it? He swallowed and kept going, not looking back. Now wasn’t the time to share his secrets, not even with Wyatt. 


I'm going to try not to gush too much. Yes, I am a total fan girl for this book. In fact, BUY IT. Then, make sure you have the time to read it uninterrupted in one sitting. It's that damn good. 

However...my only beef was that when I started the book, I felt like I was dropped into the middle of something BUT  overall the beginning does work and sets the tone for the book. And I just learned through my searching that there is a prequel novella, which I will be reading ASAP. 

As this is a series, I can not wait to see how it develops, especially since we don't have to wait too long. I seriously can not wait. 

Mercury Striking reads like a Mad Max action style movie. It's dark and gritty and completely cinematic. It's also sexy, heart-felt and heart-breaking. Oh yes, it is heart-breaking. It's also frightening in the completely believable plot. 

All the characters are well developed and Jax and Lynne are both perfectly imperfect. Ms. Zanetti is rough/hard on these two(especially how Jax treats Lynne early on) but it makes the story that much better; giving it much more depth. I'm also usually not surprised or caught off  guard in my books, and Ms. Zanetti was able to accomplish this.  

I'm trying not to give too much away in this review, because I don't want to ruin anything. Trust me, this book is so good, you need to READ IT NOW.  In fact, I'll be buying a copy to re-read to see what I might have missed on my first read. I love that- now I can look for clues and things I might have missed the first go round. 


USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes contemporary romances, dark paranormal romances, and romantic suspense novels.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her every day—or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.


Enter to Win a 
$25.00 eGift Card to Choice Book Seller

Beverly Jenkins
Releasing on January 26, 2016

USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins returns with the first book in a breathtaking new series set in the Old West

Rhine Fontaine is building the successful life he's always dreamed of—one that depends upon him passing for White. But for the first time in years, he wishes he could step out from behind the fa├žade. The reason: Eddy Carmichael, the young woman he rescued in the desert. Outspoken, defiant, and beautiful, Eddy tempts Rhine in ways that could cost him everything . . . and the price seems worth paying.

Eddy owes her life to Rhine, but she won't risk her heart for him. As soon as she's saved enough money from her cooking, she'll leave this Nevada town and move to California. No matter how handsome he is, no matter how fiery the heat between them, Rhine will never be hers. Giving in for just one night might quench this longing. Or it might ignite an affair as reckless and irresistible as it is forbidden . . .

Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo

Ms. Jenkins is the nation's premier writer of African American historical romance fiction and specializes in 19th century African American life. She has over thirty published novels to date.

She has received numerous awards, including: five Waldenbooks/Borders Group Best Sellers Awards; two Career Achievement Awards and a Pioneer Award from Romantic Times Magazine; a Golden Pen Award from the Black Writer's Guild, and in 1999 was named one of the Top Fifty Favorite African-American writers of the 20th Century by AABLC, the nation's largest on-line African-American book club.

She has also been featured in many national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Dallas Morning News and Vibe Magazine. She has lectured and given talks at such prestigious universities as Oberlin University, the University of Illinois, and Princeton. She speaks widely on both romance and 19th century African-American history and was the 2014 featured speaker for the W.W. Law Lecture Series sponsored by the Savannah Black Heritage Festival.


Q. Beverly, please tell us a bit about the New Book and Series.

A. The book is titled: Forbidden and is set in 1875 Virginia City Nevada. Our hero, Rhine Fontaine is a saloon owner and a pillar of the community. Our heroine Eddy Carmichael is a cook from Denver and is traveling to California to fulfill a dream of opening her own restaurant when things go awry. She is robbed by a man impersonating a priest and left to die in the desert. Rhine finds her. Books 2 and 3 will focus on Eddy’s nieces Portia and Regan.

Q. Did you do anything different with your research this time around?

A. I didn’t do anything out of the norm for me.  A recently conducted archeological dig in Virginia City unearthed the remains of a high end 1870s saloon founded by a man of color. It, like many of the city’s other business establishments  was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1875. I based Rhine’s saloon on that real saloon.

 Q. What about the Wild West called you?

A. Who doesn’t like the scope and sweep of the Wild West? I’ve written quite a few westerns. That I get to add to the standard lore stories about men and women who looked like me along with the Buffalo Soldiers, the all Black townships of Kansas and the black and the brown outlaws and lawmen of Indian Territory makes it even more of a blast.

Q. Who did you have more of a connection with while writing, the hero or the heroine?

A. It depends on the story. Sometimes the story belongs to the hero and at other times the heroines. It can also belong to both. I let the characters decide.

 Q. Can you share a small teaser from your favorite scene of the book, or describe your favorite scene?

Eddy awakened in a four-poster in a large room barely lit by a turned down lamp. Having no idea where she was or how she came to be there, she shook the cobwebs dulling her thinking and noticed she was wearing a man’s shirt! Perplexed, her eyes moved around the room to a well-appointed sitting area and then to the face of a White man watching her from one of the chairs. Panic flared. She snatched the blanket to her neck and she drew back fearfully.
      “Don’t be afraid. You’re safe. I’m Rhine Fontaine. My friend Jim and I found you in the desert.”
      Confused, she tried to force herself to calm down so she could make some sense of this, but she couldn’t. Watching him warily, she asked, “Where am I?” Her throat was dry as sand. She wanted water badly, but needed to solve the mystery of this first.
“Virginia City.”
“And this place is?”
“My bedroom.”
Her eyes went wide. “I need to go, I can’t stay here.”
“Maybe in a few days, but right now—”
Alarmed, she didn’t let him finish. She swung her legs over the side of the bed. Her mind was so foggy she wasn’t sure what was happening, but she knew she had to get away.
He stood and said urgently, “No! You’ll fall!”
He was right. The moment she stood, she was hit by a wave of weakness so strong her legs folded as if they were made of cards. She cried out involuntarily as she hit the floor.
He walked over to her. “As I said, maybe in a few days. Are you okay?”
Drawing away again, she looked up and recognized the face of the man from her dream. She stilled. Had it been a dream? “I’ll scream!”
He sighed. “If you feel that’s necessary, go right ahead, but I’m not going to hurt you—in any way. When you’re done, I can help you back into bed, or carry you to the facilities, whichever you’d prefer.”
Heated embarrassment burned her cheeks. Her needs were not something she talked about to a stranger, and especially not a White man stranger. “I can walk.”
“No, you can’t, but if you want to try, I’ll wait.”
 At that moment she saw her bare legs sticking out from beneath the long-tailed shirt, and also realized she had on no underthings! Not drawers. No shift. As quickly as her weakened state allowed, she reached up and pulled the blanket down. Ignoring him as best she could, she covered her bare legs. This was getting worse and worse.
“As I said, my name’s Rhine. And yours?”
“Eddy. Eddy Carmichael.”
“Pleased to meet you, Miss Carmichael. You gave my partner Jim and me quite a scare out there in the desert, but I’m pleased to see you are recovering.”
Then her muddled brain remembered Jack Nash’s perfidy and her walk across the desert, but nothing else. “How long have I been here?”
“Four or five hours.”
       Lord, she was thirsty. “May I have some water please?” she croaked. She felt so weak. It was not a state she was accustomed to.
He poured her a glass from a pitcher on the nightstand and handed it to her. “Slowly,” he advised softly. “Just a little for now.”
She nodded and took a few short swallows. The water tasted so good and she was so thirsty she wanted to down the entire offering, but heeding his advice, she took only a few more slow pulls. Done, she handed the glass back and her parched throat savored the relief. “Why am I so weak?”
“Walking the Forty Mile Desert under a full sun takes its toll. So, Miss Eddy—facilities or back to bed?”
She hated to admit it but she really needed choice number one. Thoroughly scandalized, she confessed softly, “The facilities, but I can walk. Just point me in the right direction.” Looking around, she didn’t see a screen of any kind.
“It’s at the end of the hallway.” 
“Oh,” she said disappointedly. Still bent on getting there under her own power, though, she wrestled with the blanket in an attempt to fashion it around her waist. Trying to get it out from under her hips and secured without treating him to another show of her legs was a struggle, however. He’d seen more of them than any man ever before.
 “Do you want to go today?” he asked in a tone of muted amusement.
She shot him a glare. Reasonably certain the blanket was secured, she said, “Yes.” Now she just had to get up. No small task. The fullness of the blanket made it difficult to get her feet planted so she could stand. She decided she’d use the side of the bed to give her the leverage she needed. She scooted closer.
“You always this stubborn, Miss Carmichael?”
“It’s called determination, Mr. Fontaine.”
“I stand corrected.”
Giving him another withering glare, she grabbed hold of the bed’s wooden side panel and began working herself to her knees. She made a bit of progress, but her weakened state conspired against her efforts. Refusing to surrender and breathing harshly, she slowly inched herself to a standing position, careful not to get her feet fouled by the swath of blanket, and promptly keeled face forward onto the mattress.
Chuckling softly, he picked her up from behind and placed her gently into the cradle of his strong arms. He smiled softly. “It’s called stubbornness.”
Rolling her eyes, she allowed herself to be carried from the room.

  Q. What is next for you?  What are you working on now?

A. Next up for me is the June debut of the 7th book in my Blessings series which is women’s fiction. The title: Stepping To A New Day. I’m presently working on Portia’s story which I hope will be out in the fall.  

Thank you for taking the time to talk about FORBIDDEN

Thanks so much for this opportunity to meet you and your readers.