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For this first RC, I picked: 

Read a Book You Bought for the Cover/Title Alone

The book I picked was for the COVER, and I have to thank Tasty Book Tours for this.  I participate in a number of tours for this group and when I signed up for this tour it, I'll admit it  was because of the cover that I did. Once I hosted, and read the excerpt, I kept staring at that cover (on my blog) and thinking "I really want to read this book!" An added bonus was after I got around to checking out what the book was about and reading the excerpt, I was even more intrigued. So...I finally bought myself a copy and read it. 

Here see for yourself...

Winning an all-expenses-paid weekend in New York with Hollywood’s sexiest heartthrob makes Faith Logan the envy of women everywhere. This small-town nurse has too many responsibilities, including caring for her aging parents, to be interested in fame or status. But as the sensual celebrity escorts her to exclusive Manhattan nightclubs and glitzy movie premieres, Faith is falling fast for the genuine, charismatic man behind the slick media image.
More used to fanatics and groupies, Irvin Freeman is surprised and intrigued by Faith’s down-to-earth personality. One impulsive kiss turns their private flirtation into public news. But paparazzi and crazed admirers are making her doubt their potential as a couple. Will the pressures of fame cause their love to fade before he can convince her they’ve found their own real-life happy ending?

I don't know why, but that cover....sigh....

And once you meet the hero Irvin with all his sexy action star, foreign accented yumminess(yeah I know it's not a word LOL)plus he's much more than that...double sigh...  And Faith is a sweet heroine with a huge caring heart. There are some great touching moments in this book. 

I loved the concept of this book, it was a fresh idea.  Although there are a (very)few awkwardly written passages,  this was
 a well written category romance and by no means "formula" like so many of them are. However, I did wish the ending didn't feel so abrupt. 

I enjoyed the book and plan to keep my eye out for books by Ms. Williams in the future. 

Synithia Williams has enjoyed romance novels since she was 13 years old, so it’s no surprise that she began writing her own. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s working on water quality in the Midlands of South Carolina. She lives with her husband, Eric, and two boys.

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