The Song that Seduced Paris
 by Cindy Irish

He seduced millions with his beautiful voice. She seduced him with her beautiful soul…When ordinary, every-day music teacher Annie gets the chance to help create an international singing group, she jumps at the chance, but meeting sexy French superstar Gabriel turns her ordinary life into a rich, beautiful song she can’t seem to ignore. THE SONG THAT SEDUCED PARIS is a sensual story of finding love, and dimming the bright lights of stardom to see the shining beauty in even the most ordinary.

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Title: The Song that Seduced Paris           
Author: Cindy Irish
Series: The Bel Homme Quartet #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9th, 2015
Publisher: Enoch Publications LLC
Print Length: 340 pages
Format: Paperback and Digital
Paperback ISBN: 9781942627012
Digital ISBN: 9781942627005


Opera gets sexy!

American music mogul Teddy Wilson combines the beauty of opera with the marketability of pop and creates the pop-opera multinational singing group called “Bel Homme.” French for “Beautiful Man,” the four performers he chooses are much more than that.
Gabriel Grenier is already a huge celebrity in his native France, but even at the height of his career, he’s bored and lonely and still wants more, so he accepts Teddy’s offer, hoping it will become his redemption. American music teacher Annie Morgan is brought into this venture by her Aunt Harriet, who’s Teddy’s executive assistant. Annie becomes Teddy’s special emissary in this new undertaking—but she’s not prepared for her instant attraction to the charismatic Gabriel. And he’s blindsided by the life-altering effect of Annie’s very first smile.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, because Teddy wants nothing personal mucking up this gig, and he forbids the two to get involved. Gabriel has never had to answer to anyone, and he’s not sure he wants to start now. Annie is still mourning her deceased husband’s memory, and she’s not sure of anything.

What happens when beautiful music meets predestined love? Seduction always wins.

Excerpt #3:

Gabriel hissed as her soft fingers carried him on a collision course with la petite mort—that little death—but he wanted to direct their demise. “Enough.” Yanking her against him, he backed her into the curve of the grand piano as he lured her with barely-there kisses, slid around with parted lips, and left nibbles on places he couldn’t resist.

When her back hit the wood, he ripped her shirt over her head and tossed it. Her breasts were full and soon to be his. “Des seins magnifiques,” he whispered, plumping one up to meet his descending mouth. He rolled his tongue around the tip of it. Cupping her bottom, he lifted her up and began thrusting against her in earnest—still, he wasn’t getting the relief he was looking for. “More,” he said. “From you, I need more.” Scanning the room, he focused on the piano top. It was down. YES. Holding her close, he scattered the music sheets across the floor with one feverish swipe of his hand. For the first time in his life, this wasn’t fucking. This was earth-shattering, soul-smashing lovemaking. Lifting her up, he set her on the edge of the piano as the strings inside the instrument sang out their own sensual reverberation, trembling and quivering in sweet and subtle sounds. Gently, he pushed her back and dragged her panties down her legs. He pitched them over his shoulder. “I want to taste you, minou. Now.” Then he lowered his head and did.

Managing nothing more than a shattered OH, Annie’s eyes saw only what his soft and slippery tongue was making her feel. His silky hair caressed her thighs. The stubble on his cheeks stimulated her skin. He was fire, controlled and fiercely directed. Passion, stored and masterfully shared. She widened her legs and invited more, and his expert tongue obliged. He rapaciously took the same sensuous route: back down, then up. Back down, then up. Again. And then again.

Gabriel came up for air, spread her wider, and looked. Just looked. She was a deep pink. She was swollen and wet. A burning wet. He dipped down and headed for her sweet spot, where he softened his lips and supped at her pulsing sex.

Teetering on the edge of erotic pain, Annie wavered between begging for more and making it stop. And then his expertise decided it for her, because with one last lick, she was there. Her entire body pulsed—there in the heart of the English countryside, in the middle of the majestic ballroom, on top of the grand piano, inside the moistness and heat of his mouth. Far, far away from her old life and the emptiness that had engulfed her for what seemed like eternity. Only new love was inside her now. She floated there on the piano lid: her arms outstretched, her body sated, her broken heart mended and reborn.

Tu es mon ├óme soeur,” he whispered.

“What?” she asked.

Gabriel sighed it out. “Soulmate. Mine.”

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About Cindy Irish:

Cindy Irish writes Contemporary, Paranormal, and Speculative romance fiction. She’s a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, as well as the Mid-Michigan and Greater Detroit RWA chapters.

Cindy lives in Michigan with her family.

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