Thanks for stopping by our Book Club Thursday for our Free Day.  A Free Day on our blog(s) is exactly what it sounds like. We each will be blogging about whatever strikes our fancy.

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I both love and hate Free Days here on my Blog. I always get excited about the prospect of being able to talk about whatever, come up with tons (okay, maybe more like a few) of ideas, then sit to write my blog and...GOOSE EGG. 

If I'm a bit short on my words this week, that's why. Okay, I actually waited until the last minute and I'm short on my time and that's more like the truth. 

So perhaps I can use that to my advantage for today's post.

If you've ever checked out the About Me tab, I joke that I was born with a book in my hand(s). Kind of where I got the idea for my Blog name too. 

So. Let's talk about reading. 

I can read ANYWHERE. And I truly mean that. I always carry a book or my Kindle. And truth be told, I'll always choose paper over electronic but reading off my Kindle does have some advantages at times. What's the strangest place you've read? And what do prefer paper or electronic?(hey I'm sure there's some plastic in my Kindle (shell) ). LOL

I've also gotten so lost in my book that I haven't heard my name being called. I imagine that's what being in space /a vacuum is kind of like. Earth to...wait a sec...let me finish just one more page...

As I've gotten older, how fast I read has slowed. Ugh. No more two or three books a day. Now I'm lucky if I can finish two in a week (depending on the length). Can anyone relate? 

I also have enough books to read if I stopped buying them...yesterday. Pardon me while I that will never happen. Books are truly my addiction. I'd give up my TV, wine, coffee and bacon before I gave my books up. And those last two would really hurt. LOL

As a book lover, I'm always on the hunt to find something new even when I don't need too. I love to hear about what people are reading, and if I go someplace and I see someone reading, more than once I've pretzel shaped myself to catch the title or cover of said book. Yeah, it'd probably be easier just to ask...

Also, I'm so lucky to have been blessed to work with Tour Groups(mainly Tasty Book Tours at this time), NetGalley, edelweiss(Above the Treeline) and so many generous publishers that have allowed me ARC's, sneak peeks into upcoming releases/cover reveals and all yummy things related to books.

I have learned a little something too- you CAN'T always judge a book by it's cover. And believe me... I once was a cover snob and a bit narrow minded(although I confess, I still pretty much refuse to read a romance written by a man(but I have)-wrong and judgmental of me but there it is). Now, I look at both the cover and read what the book's all about. I've recently discovered an author I really enjoy because I tried something different that I normally would have be a snob about(my Review of that book will post here on the 17th if you're curious). Are you a book/cover/author snob? 

Thanks for stopping by today. I asked a handful of questions and I'd love to hear from you. 

18 February- Catching Up On- Kresley Cole 

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