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It's a simple task- we pick a themed book from our pre-made list(must be at least six months old/pub date) then read and review. Check it all out on the BCT Page! 

I've been lucky lately with my BCT Posts, maybe more like a side of pre-planning? Okay, more like LUCK;when I wrote last week's post (see it here: BLOG)  I realized, I didn't read the books in order, skipping over the 2nd book in the series(hate it when that happens). So... lucky for me that gave me the idea and opportunity to have my choice for our Clearing Off the Book Shelves post!

 Any Series/Category (Harlequin or Silhouette etc)


Melting His Heart

Never stay in one place too long. 
These are the words Brock Parker lives by. Roaming the world to save avalanche victims keeps the search-and-rescue patrolman from getting too close to anyone. The resort ski town of Aurora is no different. Until Brock meets Anya Petrova. The Alaska native needs someone to train her dog. Who better than the man who works wonders with his canine rescue team? Haunted by a family tragedy, Brock doesn't think he's anyone's hero. But Anya refuses to believe that. And when she shows her true mettle in the face of breathtaking danger, Brock realizes what he'll risk for the woman whose love has healed his heart.

As I mentioned above, when I wrote last week's Blog I learned I missed this book in the series. In reality they are connected but not in such a way that if you read out of order it would really ruin anything. 

In this book, I found that Brock and Anya were well developed and nicely matched and it's nice to see other books characters here too. 

I enjoyed this book- Ms. Wilson has a way of bringing things to life. I love the setting(Alaska-Bucket List) and I always love books with dogs in them(especially when they serve a purpose).

I also love how researched and authentic her books are- this was no exception. I learned about Ski Patrols/Search and Rescue. 

Ms. Wilson is also adept at writing characters that you really care about. She writes a thoughtful, inspiring, sweet romance.  


I hope you enjoyed this week's post. As always, we'd love it if you read along with our themes, and encourage you to share what you're reading and any thoughts about our reviews. 


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