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Back in March, one of the Tour groups I Blog for (Tasty Book Tours) gave me the opportunity to read an ARC for part of the Tour for Stephanie Evanovich. I was also contacted by Megan, an associate at Harper Collins, and offered copies of the book. So I owe HUGE GIANT THANK YOUS to Megan, HarperCollins and William Morrow for providing me a personal print copy and two print copies(two winners will each get one copy) of the book for our giveaway (see contest entry below). 

Good Luck and Happy Reading! 

Smart and sexy Dani Carr knows as much about football as any man--maybe more. It’s always been her dream to make a living talking about the game she loves. But Dani’s not interested in being just the usual eye-candy sideline reporter; she wants to be the first woman analyst on a pre-game show, the ultimate in exclusive boys-club jobs. And it turns out, that despite the odds, she has the talent to get her there.

Star quarterback-and heartthrob--Tyson Palmer always did things in spectacular fashion, including ruining his career after debuting as a first-round draft pick. When the head coach of the Austin Mavericks refuses to let him waste his million dollar arm, Tyson makes a Hail Mary pass at redemption and succeeds with everyone…except Dani, who appears to be using her high-profile commentator job to make a name for herself at his expense. 

Dani refuses to let anyone forget about Tyson’s transgressions….and for good reason. There’s history between these two, sizzling history that dates back to their college days, and it ended in another spectacular flame-out of Tyson’s. He’s conveniently forgotten all about that episode because Dani is no longer the cute girl next door he barely remembers--she’s a bombshell with huge ratings and a long memory.

But can a woman trying to claw her way to the top and a quarterback who knows all about rock bottom make it to the Super Bowl without destroying each other in the process? And what will happen when Tyson-riding high on his career comeback-realizes he needs to make an even more important comeback with Dani?

This review was originally posted on my Blog for part of the Tasty Book Tour. The ARC was provided in exchange for my honest review: 

What I love most about Ms. Evanovich's writing is that she is
not always gentle, so to speak, with her characters. Plainly evident in her prior books, and especially so here.

She writes flawed, realistic characters that I sometimes hate to love, and or maybe love to hate.

Because I read my ARC as an e-book it saved my wall (and my having to buy a new Kindle).

I'll explain.

More than once, I wanted to throw something-honestly, if this had been a print book....Not because I didn't enjoy the book. I did. Immensely so. Especially Tyson. Perhaps the connection and reason why I LOVED him so much was because we as readers spend a good part, at the start of the book, experiencing his pain(boy is it ugly) and then his redemption (what a great journey).

But Dani....


What a two-faced unlikable(horrible horrible) character(yes, I wanted to use other adjectives). No matter how much I tried to reason away(through the explanations and other background) who she was and why, I just could not warm up to her. Her turn-around (so to speak) was just too little to late for me.

I also really enjoyed the fact other characters from her prior books pop up. Big Girls Panties remains one of my favorite books(a realistic ugly/beautiful honest book- I know I'm promoting The Total Package here today but seriously, Big Girl Panties...BUY IT).

I'll keep reading(and hopefully keep avoiding any damaged property) Ms. Evanovich's books. I highly recommend her if you are looking to add something a little different in your contemporary reading. It's hard to put a label on what exactly I'd call her books. Not everything is sunshine and cake but that's what makes them so freaking good. Life is ugly, and I don't always want the "perfect" in my romance and because of that hard-core formula romance readers might have a hard time (notice I said might) with The Total Package. However, if you are looking for a redemptive second chance(in more than one way) novel with a twist of love, The Total Package is well...the total package.

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