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This week, each of us are taking time to write about what we want as long as it's book related. 

I recently read & re-shared an article from Hello Giggles about weird things bookworms do(read for yourself by clicking: WEIRD THINGS BOOKWORMS DO ).

In reality, as a book lover, I didn't think any of them were weird(for the most part). In fact, I often see posts/articles and the like about book lover quirks and things only book lovers get...

So in the spirit of things, I'm posting some of my own "quirks" about reading. I'm guessing some are very very common and maybe some...maybe not so much?

(in no order)

1.  If I'm reading and you are talking to me assume I'm not really listening to you even if I reply.  Seriously, it'll go in one ear and out the other. And yes, that's probably my stink eye...

2.  If a book I'm reading has author acknowledgements, dear reader letters, notes, dedications yada yada yada...I read them. If the author has taken the time to add those things, I think it's important to read them(obviously it was important to the author too, otherwise they wouldn't have included it). Plus sometimes there are hidden jewels/nuggets/surprises in those words. Besides, I really enjoy reading that stuff.

3.  I bring a book everywhere with me. Seriously...even if it's (ahem) inappropriate. Notice I didn't say I'd actually take it out and read it, which brings me to:

4. I can read anywhere even if I shouldn't...which brings me to:

5. Finding a purse/tote big enough for a book(especially a hardcover) can be challenging at times.

6. I don't like buying the only book left on the shelf(but I will). When buying my book(s) I often take from behind the pile/low in the stack. I will inspect the book for kinks, bends, flaws etc before buying;I need to have the best copy possible...which (again) brings me to...

7. If I damage my own book, it's like a voodoo doll pin in my body. LOL it's not that horrible but it still pains me. I've spilled food on books, dropped them in the tub, had my dog chomp them...HOWEVER... I do have quite a number of books that have publishing "flaws" which I actually love (like an ARC for a vampire book with crimps(ha ha I think of them as vampire bites) in the cover, books with the cover upside down, books with repeated chapters (you get the idea)). 

8. Books are probably the last thing I'd give up. I'd even give up bacon, coffee and TV (and for those that know me you know what that truly means!)

9. Books are better left being "books". Overall I'm not a fan book to movie adaptations. 

10. If I visit your house, know that I'm looking for your "library". In fact I can't not spy at what other people are reading when I'm out in public. I also look at books featured in other media (photos, TV shows yada yada yada).

BONUS (Let's call it a baker's dozen) 

11. I will look at books that are for sale in ANY type of store. And I mean any-gas stations, flea markets, grocery...and I can/will/have talked books with people in all sorts of places and situations. 

12. I love the feel and smell of a (print)book. In fact, I freely admit I'm probably a book hoarder. I have enough books to get me through the end of days and then some. But I'll keep buying and buying and B..U..Y......

13. I typically do not get offended/upset when people don't like what books/authors I do(to each their own). But it's hard sometimes when people are narrow minded or nasty. I think we as book lovers, form such an emotional attachment to the written word-especially words that mean something to us- that it really can feel like an attack. However the fact that we read and love books is what connects us. Saying "that's not my cup of tea" is much better than "only lazy/stupid (insert choice word) people like that sort of writing."

LAST ONE (I promise)

14. I love to collect out of the ordinary book lover themed things, bookmarks, ornaments, t-shirts, mugs yada yada yada.

Thanks for stopping by this week; I'd love read about any of your reading "quirks" and what you thought about mine so be sure to comment below!


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