Thanks for stopping by for another week of our Book Club Thursday (BCT).

The our being my best friends and I. Each week we take the time to talk about books, covering a variety of themes/genres and authors. To learn more about us and BCT please visit the page at the top of my blog.

This week we have what we call our Free Day- meaning each of us will be blogging about whatever strikes our fancy. 

Free Day(s) are both good and bad.

Bad because...what the heck do I say...

Good because... I can say whatever I want...  

See what I mean?  hahaha

It's hard. 

I try not to recycle themes/topics or get back on/off my soapbox too much when things get under my skin.  Most of the time I keep things short and sweet. Unless of course I'm ranting about things that get under my skin-I'm NOT at a loss for words when that happens (more laughter).

So in a round about way I'm going to introduce the topic: 

Under Our Skin 

If you are a regular follower of my blog I'm not going to go there (yet again) with more rants about book covers (boy do I have STRONG opinions about that).

No, instead I'm going to pick one topic under the giant umbrella of things that get under...

Book Disappointment

Oh, you know...

When you just can't wait for a book...either someone you know has raved and raved about it ,or you've heard tons of positive buzz about it or for whatever reason(cover,author, description) you are just so drawn to getting your hands on it...


You know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you're lucky and you don't.

It can really stink. And by that I mean SUCK!!!

Recently (very) I was drawn to a book for a multitude of reasons: the cover, title and description were all appealing and there was TONS of POSITIVE BUZZ about it.

I even purposely planned my reading schedule around the release date of this book so I could start it the minute I had it in my greedy paws.


Can you say LET DOWN?

I didn't even finish it, choosing instead to put it aside (page 128 of 258-almost/exactly at the 50% mark). I did this so I could go back to it with a fresh set of eyes (and I plan to soon).

It wasn't that I didn't think it was witty or well written but rather some other undefinable quality that under my skin which of course upset me because I really wanted to READ this book this causing a huge case of book disappointment which, like a dog chasing its' tail just got under my skin more and more. Please tell me someone can relate? (again cue the laughs)

I have purposely omitted naming the book in question- and when I do finish it, I will do a blog review and link it with today's blog.

I'd love to hear from you about any book topics that get under your skin, including your own stories of book disappointment(s).

18th August:Catching Up On-Jill Shalvis

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