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This week is our Reading Challenge. 

In a nutshell, we picked 12 Challenges and we then had to find a book that matched one of them- then read and review. To learn more by visit the page tab at the top of my blog.  

For my Challenge, I decided to pick : Guilty Pleasure.

For me this theme translated into picking a book/style/genre etc that might cause someone to scratch their head (in other words a book etc that may not be everyone's cup o noodles).

I picked a Young Adult book. YA fiction is genre that I can take or leave for the most part. I'm way past the targeted age group and never read much it when I was (college reading level in grade school). However, there are a handful of authors I enjoy and topics/themes in YA I like.

When I saw the cover and read what the below book was about, I knew I had to get it. 

In this honest, frank, and funny debut novel, four best friends make a pact during their senior year of high school to lose their virginities—and end up finding friendship, love, and self-discovery along the way.

To be honest, the sex pact wasn’t always part of the plan. 

Layla started it. She announced it super casually to the rest of the girls between bites of frozen yogurt, as if it was just simply another addition to her massive, ever-evolving To Do List. She is determined to have sex for the first time before the end of high school. Initially, the rest of the crew is scandalized, but, once they all admit to wanting to lose their v-cards too, they embark on a quest to do the deed together... separately.

Layla’s got it in the bag. Her serious boyfriend, Logan, has been asking for months.

Alex has already done it. Or so she says.

Emma doesn’t know what the fuss is all about, but sure, she’ll give it a shot.

And Zoe, well, Zoe can’t even say the word without bursting into giggles.

Will everything go according to plan? Probably not. But at least the girls have each other every hilarious, heart-warming, cringe-inducing step of the way.

From debut author Lindsey Rosin, Cherry is a coming-of-age, laugh-out-loud tale of first times, last chances, and the enduring friendships that make it all worthwhile.

I have to start off by saying that I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!

In fact- you should - no need- to read it for so many different reasons.

It reminded me of my own teenage years(long ago lol) and my own first time.

It also reminded me of those 80s style "losing it" movies but with an updated/modern flair.

Cherry centers around four female best friends and the pact they make to "lose it" by graduation. Equal time and development is spent with each of the four and I can't say that I had a favorite of the four. Okay...maybe I did...LOL

Each girl has her own feelings about her virginity and the journey she takes to "lose it". Since I don't read much YA, I was shocked how sexually explicit this book was for the targeted age group-the flap says ages 14 and Up(perhaps I am out of touch). The heart and core of each girl's journey and who she becomes is a powerful message that I think young girls-hell women too- should to read about. This is 100% a GIRL POWER novel. 

And I'm going to say that Ms. Rosin, in my humble opinion, is the Judy Blume (think Forever) of today. 

Cherry is beautiful, raw, and bittersweet. Hard to put down, with authentic dialogue and pacing. It's also cinematic (screams make me into a movie)- BUT when you know Ms. Rosin's background how could it not be. (Big happy face)

I'm a total fan girl!


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