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This week's theme is: 

This week we are playing catch up on a certain author: Sharon Sala.

We each will be reading any book by Ms. Sala that we are behind on/have not read.

I went way back on my pick:

Outlaw Angel
Harley-riding hellion Gabriel Donner had broken every rule, sinning enough for at least two lifetimes. And it would take just as long to right all his wrongs and earn his way to heaven. But his time was running out....
Then Gabriel rode to the rescue of an old-fashioned damsel in distress. Sweet Annie O'Brien desperately needed a guardian angel, and in her innocent eyes, his biker shades and outlaw leather shone like a halo and wings. Clearly Annie offered him salvation. Or did she? Loving her would be heaven, losing her, pure hell. And lose her he must. Unless time somehow stood still, erasing his past...and rewriting Annie's future.
This was first published by Silhouette Intimate Moments(#597) back in October of 1994 and was a Spellbound (billed as "a little bit unusual" for their themes) title. This is the edition I own(albeit as a used copy) but also know that Annie and the Outlaw has been reprinted several times over the years.

I hadn't quite discovered Ms. Sala yet when Annie and the Outlaw was first published, but once I did, I made it my mission my to seek out her back list.

I've probably owned Annie and the Outlaw...well... for a long time. When we picked Ms. Sala to catch up on, I really had no idea what I was going to choose because I'm behind on so very very very (you get the idea) books by her. 

There is a consistency to her books (at least all the ones I have I read), several common core themes:  

Sense of home
Protective/adoring Heroes 

If you've read several of Ms. Sala's books, then I hope you know what I am trying to say. And these things are present in Annie and the Outlaw.

For me, there were things I loved and didn't care for in this novel. But I will say it is worth the read.

To start,I didn't always like Annie- she was a putting? I can't quite put my finger on it. There's a secret around her (not to hard to figure out really if you read between the lines and the clues are fairly obvious). 

The start of the book also drags just a pinch and despite being published over 20 years ago, some of the things that occur are still pretty spot on/current subject matter. 

The book really shines in  the second half and some of my favorite parts revolve around Gabriel and Annie's visit to Silver Dollar City. 

Speaking of Gabriel...some major plot holes here...but I LOVE him as a hero (outlaw angel is so fitting) and since this was a "category" romance I can overlook it because again, I really did enjoy this book overall. 

If you are a fan of Ms. Sala(and missed out before on this novel) or have never tried her take a chance on the book.  

October 27th:Reading Challenge 

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