My name is Cyndi and I'd like to thank you for stopping by for another round of book talk on Book Club Thursday (BCT).

Each week myself and two best friends (Ann and Karen) blog all about books or book related themes. To learn more about each of us and BCT please take a peek at the page tab at the top of my blog.

This week's theme is  FREE DAY

I know I sound like a broken record when I mention Free Day(each of us talk about what ever book topic(s) we want) because I always seem to be both excited and at a loss.

Well, don't worry (really, were you? LOL) this go round is no different...(the clock is ticking and I hear the Jeopardy theme song-you do too now don't you? You're welcome LOL)

I'm stalling and thinking (it's actually Tuesday when I'm writing this...)

Hee Hee

It's now Wednesday...but you see, I kind of had a Master Plan (not an evil one, though I was perhaps evil in my planning LOL) when I first sat to write this post.

My BFF Ann (Romancing the Readers) were meeting today (Wed that is/was) to chat about BCT 2017 and my thought was to use Free Day to tease you about the upcoming year.

There will be some changes; the biggest one being the time the blog goes live each Thursday along with there only being one Giveaway(okay, there might be one other small one... but trust me, the one will be worth it). Other than that some of the content will stay the same (notice I said some...bwah ha ha ) with two added themes called Cover Talk and Remember When. 


I know I'm excited. And sure some things need a final tweak (and are subject to change)but keep in mind at the end of this December we will unveil the calendar for BCT 2017! 

October 20th: Catching Up On: Sharon Sala 

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