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This week's theme is: 

Simplified, the Reading Challenge is when each of us pick a themed book from a list to read and review.  I was bad this year and not only didn't always participate but I also did not keep very good track of what I did/did not read. Thankfully we at the end of the year and I can turn over a new leaf here for 2017. We have so many changes for BCT and I am so excited (more on all of that NEXT WEEK).  

So without further ado, for my Reading Challenge I picked: 

Read Erotica (maybe I cheated some? LOL)

Hard as steel…and hotter still! 
Never mess with a woman who carries a blowtorch in her backpack. Welder and artist Veronica "Flash" Redding's playful sense of evil sometimes gets the better of her. Like when her insanely handsome, wealthy, suited-up boss gave her the most sensuously wicked night of her life…then dumped her. Yep, revenge is a dish best served hot. 
Only Ian Asher isn't letting Flash get away quite so easily. He's not ready to forget the intensity between them. The searing heat when they touch. And the deliciously demanding control Ian wields in the bedroom. Now he has only the holidays to convince Flash that they belong together…and that even the most exquisite, broken things can be welded back together.

I've never read Ms. Reisz before. She's always sort of appealed to me for various reasons but I just for some reason never took that plunge. I do have her prior Men at Work Blaze title and I have The Bourbon Thief and I'm now moving them up on my list. 

I've read Harlequin Blaze titles before but never one (at least to my recollection) like One Hot December. That's a good thing- I don'r recall the Blaze line being well, so BLAZING!

This is the 3rd Book in the Men at Work series and through some light research I found that it's loosely character connected to the prior two ( Her Halloween Treat, and Her Naughty Holiday). I didn't feel like I was missing anything really so I'd say this can be read as a "standalone".

One Hot December is one hell of a dirty -the good kind 😉 - book. It has a great plot line and plenty of humor. It also respectfully handles Holiday themes of Christmas and Hanukkah. 

I also loved how real both Flash and Asher were. I'm really into romances where I both love and hate the characters at the same time because that's LIFE. 

I can't wait to check out more of Ms. Reisz's books.

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