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If you're a regular reader, you are going to see some fresh changes to each of our BCT blogs for 2017. We are very excited and hope you will participate in our events. 

This week is what we call our Free Day theme. Each of us will be blogging about anything book related. 

Ahhh... Free Day 

Yes, it's a week I have a huge love/hate relationship with. Mostly because I'm writing at the very last second because I never know what to say. 

I thought I was going to be in that position this week (today as I'm writing, it's actually Tuesday Jan 17th) but I had a "light bulb" moment as I was reading this morning.

I'm talking about what I'll kindly refer to "Strange Reading Habits".  And I do say that with love, more in a light/joking tone because I'm pretty damn sure I'm not the only one that: 

  1. Smells the book's pages- only works with a print copy!  LOL 
  2. Hugs the book- again print copy works best- try not to bend that cover-LOL
  3. Kisses the book- watch out for Cheetos orange lip prints LOL
  4. Is superstitious about stopping in the middle a chapter/page etc. I pretty much refuse to stop on page 106 (long story- been avoiding it for approx 25 years- and don't ask when page 106 ends the chapter- MADNESS!  LOL) 
  5. Gets so angry/excited (insert your adjective here) that your shake the book. Hard. 
  6. Gets so angry/excited (insert your adjective here)that you need a Time Out from reading. 
  7. Yell/talk to the characters in the book as if they could actually hear you. Wait...they can't?? LOL 
  8.  When you get a book, you look thru it/read things in a certain order BEFORE actually starting to read Chapter One- including any cover copy, author acknowledgements, dear reader notes, about the author, extras at the back of the book (not peeking at the ending) etc
  9. Speaking of endings- you don't consider flipping/fanning the ending pages of the book cheating/reading the end. After all you aren't actually reading...more like if you see/don't see something it doesn't count ...
  10. Has bought more than one copy of the same book (for yourself) either because you forgot you had it, you wanted the new cover or bonus material or updated/revamped version) 

I had fun with this week's topic and baring part of my book soul with you. That said I would LOVE to hear about any of your "Strange Reading Habits" or if you agree/disagree with any of mine. 

January 26th - Reading Challenge

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