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This week we have: 

Remember When...

I remember...

Being a very young reader and being so very very excited to get my books.  I credit my love of books/reading to my mom. I have a distinct memory... I remember when I was approximately 12 or 13... it was a hot summer day and I'd tagged along with my mom to run various errands. This trips would typically end with us stopping by our local new/used bookstore (we became regulars there). On this particular day, my mom was at the business a building away from the bookstore and as she finished up her light shopping and she let me walk on ahead to look for my books. Walk?


Yeah, I was that excited. I still remember the clouds of dirt my feet kicked up from the gravelly lot and shoulder, the tiny pebbles stinging my legs. My sweaty body that was out of breath and runny nosed (thanks to allergies and asthma) all but bursting into the cool air of the book store. Searching and hoping they had a new(and I do mean new) batch of romances in for me. I never went home empty handed.

Additionally, I did not have many friends(people) growing up. Books were/became my friends. They still are! In fact, most of the time, I'd rather spend my free time with my books. 

(BTW- Larissa Ione...add her to your Must Read List!)

Truth be told, as a young reader, I didn't care where my books came from: other people, the library, the bookstore, the used bookstore... 

Hell, I still haven't outgrown this...and is it really a problem?   LOL 

I also remember staying up all night reading - who needed to be alert for school, or work even? 
And the days of reading several books in a day! 

I rarely read a book in one day anymore (age and life- damn being an adult LOL) and I can't recall the last time a book kept me up all  night reading (again damn being an adult LOL).

I'm lucky/blessed enough to have my two best friends(and book pals- who are also the other BCT bloggers) in my life. 

I remember days of sitting around together reading in silence-there was no need to speak. 

I remember days of cursing, laughing, crying over our favorite or not so favorite books.

I remember road trips and author signings and the RT Conventions. 

I remember us pouring over our copies of RT Book Review magazine (Seriously, it's time to bring back the PRINT format. Can you hear me Ms. Falk? Pretty pretty please) 

I've made plenty of memories with my friends over the years and look forward to making many more "Remember When" ones.    

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