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“Hogan’s first novel reveals how even discarded items have significance and seemingly random objects, people, and places are all interconnected.”  - Booklist

“Hogan’s writing has the soothing warmth of the cups of cocoa and tea her characters regularly dispense…old-fashioned storytelling with a sprinkling of magic.”  - Kirkus

A self-proclaimed “rapacious reader and incorrigible magpie,” north Londoner RUTH HOGAN has always had a passion for small treasures and curiosities.  In her first novel, THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS (February 21, 2017; ISBN 9780062473530; $26.99), she transforms this fascination into a tale of love and wit—a story about what happens when people, like lost things, finally find their true home. 

Fate has opened Anthony Peardew’s eyes to lost objects, stirring an insatiable curiosity about the people who once owned them.  The shocking loss of his fiancĂ©e Therese on their wedding day, and Anthony’s careless misplacement of the keepsake she gave him, leaves him bereft, and newly captivated by the many tools and trinkets that pass through our lives.

Laura, Anthony’s new assistant, arrives at his Victorian mansion much like a lost object herself.  Recently divorced and in need of a change, Laura is unexpectedly thrust into a spearheading role when Anthony suddenly dies, leaving her his home and the legacy of what has become his life’s work—reuniting people with the mad array of objects, large and small, he has obsessively collected and written about for years.   

With the help of Sunshine, a young girl gifted with keen perception who becomes a friend and guide to Laura; and Freddy, the gardener with whom she becomes smitten; Laura is transformed as she and her small team find success carrying out Anthony’s mission. 

As her quest progresses, we learn the fate of Eunice, a woman of another era on a similar search for self-discovery, who has lost and found items integral to Laura’s goal.  In a twist of fate, Laura realizes she holds the key to both Anthony and Eunice’s redemption. Her greatest challenge then becomes unlocking the past, to make the connections that will finally lay their spirits to rest.

THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS is a charming story of wisdom, transformation, and beauty, colored by vibrant, witty characters—that reveals, through random items of varying significance, the invisible threads that connect us all. 

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I am not going to tell you much about this book for several reasons, the primary one being that YOU NEED THIS BOOK. Anything in detail that I say would only ruin the magic of this novel, so again trust me, you really do need this book. 

There is such a sense of romanticism to this heartfelt, beautiful thoughtful and tangible novel.  I also felt there was a sense of classic/old school writing here(I'm in love with it).  In fact, do not start this novel unless you have time to finish it because you are going to want to read it in one sitting. 

The Keeper of Lost Things made me laugh, and cry (oh geez I was at work too! LOL). The intertwining stories kept me utterly captivated and all of the characters(even the ones that are are only mentioned for a few paragraphs) are so developed that they leap off the pages(and in some cases right into your heart). I particularly got a kick out of  Douglas(a pastry loving dog!) 

Again, I know I haven't said much about this book per se, but I really think it would ruin it if I did. You will not be disappointed if you give this novel a chance. It made me nostalgic and touched me in a way that I can honestly say I don't think any other book ever has (total fan girl here). In fact I loved it so much I bought two copies to give to people I know would love it. 

When RUTH HOGAN was a child, her mother worked in a bookstore.  This experience helped fuel her lifelong passion for reading and books.  Ruth lives north of London.  THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS is her first novel.

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