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This week we have: 

I'm not liking Free Day this time around. 

Call it what you will but I really don't have much to say. 

I spent today (which is actually Wednesday) purging my over loaded book shelves and cloth bins of books. 

I won't divulge how many bags I filled but between the culling of books and organizing / updating my book shelves, I worked up a sweat relocating  the books to my basement (one flight of 9 stairs, one flight of 4 stairs and one flight of 13 stairs). It did take the better part of 5 hours before I was done. 

I'll freely admit to HOARDING books.  I have so many that I want to keep and just as many to give away. 

My goal by the end the Fall, is to have found homes for everything I don't want. Luckily, I have a few Goodwill type places and a few senior parks close to my home. Giving to used book stores is not really an option as there are none near me and I chose not to say anything (because it would not be nice) about a certain chain.  

So my questions are:

What do you do with books you no longer want? 

How long will keep a book (if it's not a 'keeper') before you get rid of it?

Seriously, I probably could stop buying books (like that would ever happen! LOL) and have enough til the end of days! 

Karen@The Many Faces of Romance

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