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This week we have: 

Remember When means: 

Each of us can blog about a specific book theme/topic from the past…for example: Remember When Fabio was on all the romance covers (okay so he wasn’t on all of them…)

I Remember When I came across some explicit sexual language in a book and didn't know what it meant. I was probably about twelve or so (about 7th grade). 

But here's a bit of back story first. I was always way ahead in my reading skills comprehension in grade school. In fact, myself and a few other classmates were reading at College Levels in 6th Grade. I still remember the special reading guides the school sent out for us. But here's the thing- those reading guides didn't contain certain types of language at least not as I'm referring to below...LOL 

I've briefly touched on in past blogs that my own personal reading library, as a young teen, was filled with more adult themed books, especially my romances. Although my mom was pretty lenient in allowing me to pick my own reading material there were times she put her foot down on some romances (fearful of the sexual content- circa early 80's).  

Here's the thing- she should have been FAR more concerned about the content, sexual and otherwise, in some of the other books she allowed me to read. I guess horror novels seemed more innocuous to her...

I learned about the basics of the birds and bees earlier than most kids thanks to a friend that had a older brother that chose to share what information he knew/learned in school with her. But I'm only talking mechanics here and nothing how shall I phrase this...helpful to me in my reading. Besides many early 80's romances I read were descriptive but not (hope that makes sense). 

 Anyway I was reading this book: 

It had a step back cover (oh how my young self loved books with those covers, it seemed to my mind they were  always be hiding...something). I found this book at my local used book store. It was published (in paperback around 1982) hence knowing my approximate age) 

If you really must know: 

A striving young actress, Chandal Knight and her theater-director husband Justin are planning to leave Manhattan to find stardom in Hollywood when two old ladies on their block offer them the opportunity of a lifetime—to take over the entire ground floor of their brownstone, rent-free for the first six months. For a couple who is struggling financially the offer seems like a miracle and the old sisters are so kind and eager for them to move in, Chandal gives in and the couple stays on in New York. Chantal adores their new home, with its high ceilings, fireplaces and large rooms, but it is not long before she begins to hear voices, see moving shadows out of the corner of her eye and sees that the old sisters are very… well, strange. Justin seems to be drifting away into a new passion, photography, which takes him into the darkness of the brownstone basement for hours on end, but its not until Chandal sees his photographs that the dark mosaic of inexplicable events starts taking on a terrifying shape. 

I'm finally getting to my point...

There were two words (not sure if they were in the same scene) that perplexed my young self. I knew they were sexual based on the scene(s) but didn't know what these words meant. I was smart enough NOT to go ask my mom. So I picked up a dictionary hoping for some help...

Let me tell you. Circa 80's dictionaries were NOT at helpful.

The two words that baffled me:

Erection and fellatio

(come(oops I made a pun there...LOL) to think of it those two words  PROBABLY were in the same scene LOL).

Of course the word fellatio was NOT in the dictionary but the word erection was...but not in a sexual sense. I recall as read (something to the effect of) " something erected, such as building" what does a BUILDING have to do with sex? LOL

I hope my little Remember When made you laugh. I'd LOVE to hear about the first time you read a (sexually explicit) word(s) that you were perplexed over.

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