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This week we have: 

Remember When (RW) is where each of us reminiscence about book related themes. 

I'm at a loss this week so I will warn you that I'm really phoning it in this week. Normally, I have this post written ahead of time (when I actually I have my idea, less I forget). Plus I've been sick as a dog and in a brain fog so...

Like most if not all of my posts, what I've written below a matter of my opinion. If you've followed/read me in the past you will recognize the point I'm bringing up. I'm also going to try to keep this short because for me, it's a bit of a trigger point. It seems silly to me to be angry over this but there it is. I know it's because reading/books are such a huge part of my life and I've been reading romance for what seems like forever...These are only my two cents (a cheap two at that LOL). 


Romance novels didn't...

All seem to been written in first person POV . I mean so many authors have jumped on this band wagon (and I blame a certain "romance" novel for this). Now, I like first person POV in certain instances but just not in my romances, especially graphic ones.  Romances written in alternating M/F first person POV's are a bit better than just one or the other.  

Romance novel's didn't...

All seem to be New Adult in flavor/tone.  I know first person POV and NA seem to go hand in hand. Again - not really a fan of either. Oh, there are some I've read and enjoyed  but they are few and far between. 

Romance novel's didn't...

Seem to have disappeared from shelves. My fellow bloggers and I were just talking about the fact that stores (we mean Target, Wal-Mart and the like) seem to have abandoned selling or shrunk their romance selections in favor of more Young Adult or other types of books. 

So... is the old school /traditional romance genre dead? 

Is that why it seems to have morphed into something that is anything but? 

Methinks perhaps my age is showing...LOL

I'd love hear your thoughts on this (not on my age...LOL) 

May 11th : Clearing Off the Book Shelves 

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