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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Cyndi and each week, myself and my two best book friends forever Ann and Karen jointly blog together on Book Club Thursday (BCT). To learn all about BCT please click here

If you're a regular reader, you are going to see some fresh changes to each of our BCT blogs for 2017. We are very excited and hope you will participate in our events. 

This week we have: 

Cover Talk is when we each post a different partial cover of a book and a description hoping you can guess the book we have featured.  If you don't know the answer and/or want the answer don't worry- just blog hop (for mine) over to The Many Faces of Romance for the reveal.  And you'll find a reveal on my blog for the cover from Romancing the Readers. Ready to play? 

Can you guess the book I'm featuring: 

This classic collection of twenty-two works of fright and wonder…unforgettable tales that will take you to where your darkest fears await. Whether it’s a mysterious impenetrable mist camouflaging bizarre, otherworldly terrors that could herald the destruction of humanity…or an eerie-looking child’s toy that harbors an unimaginable evil…or four college students on a deserted lake encountering something that crosses the boundary of sanity…or a man suddenly given the omnipotent ability to quite literally edit his own reality…

Think you know what I've picked?  Then head over to play more on Karen@The Many Faces of Romance


I'm getting ready to reveal Romancing the Readers' pick...

Last chance to stop


Did you guess correctly? 

June 22nd: Reading Challenge

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