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Get To Know Us- Part II


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Cyndi and each week, myself and my two best book friends forever Ann and Karen jointly blog together on Book Club Thursday (BCT). To learn all about BCT please click here

If you're a regular reader, you are going to see some fresh changes to each of our BCT blogs for 2017. We are very excited and hope you will participate in our events. 

This week we have:

We'd normally be doing a Free Day post this week but instead each of us posed a few questions to another blogger. 

Below you'll find what I asked Ann from Romancing the Readers.

We pretty much feel the same way about the topic. A certain book to movie adaption sticking firmly in my head was the basis for these questions: The Survivors Club by Lisa Garnder. In retrospect maybe if we hadn't been drinking, we wouldn't have so catty LOL.  

What is your feeling about turning books into movies or TV series/mini-series , whether big screen or made for TV? (not just romance either for this question and the below ones).

I am not a fan. I never feel they do them right. The books are always so much better. Of course I do watch some anyway and I did get a subscription to Passionflix for a year. I just couldn't help myself. For those who don’t know about Passionflix it’s a company that is taking our favorite books and either making them into a TV movie or a TV series. They will be on the Passionflix app for you to watch. Here’s the link to their website for you to learn more about it. One of my favorite authors will be having a book of hers turned into a movie. It’s Jill Shalvis and the book in The Trouble With Mistletoe and it’s coming out in December. I can’t wait!  

Have you ever watched any when you haven't read the book?

Yes, I've been watching Chesapeake Shores a show on the Hallmark channel which is based from Sherryl Woods Chesapeake series. I haven't read any of the books and have been enjoying the show. 

Any hits or misses for you? That is any in particular with mentioning?

Hated what they did to Julie Garwood's For the Roses when they made Rose Hill. It was horrible and had very little to do with the books. You'd be hard pressed to say it's based on the book. I did like Night Sins which they based that off of Tami Hoag's Night Sins. Followed the book pretty well. 

If you've watched a movie ETC but never read the book did you want to seek out the book/ or did you read the book (titles/authors please)

No, never! I'm not the type to read a book once I've watched the movie. I know I won't enjoy it. I'll spend my whole time comparing it to the movie. Makes it hard to read. 


It sounds like I'll need to investigate Passionflix. 

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