about me

My love of books began at a young age, thanks to my mom. Truth be told, it seems like I always have a book close by. In fact, I often joke I was born with one in my hands. Hey, a book is much more useful than a silver spoon, am I right? 

As a young pre-teen/teen, I remember staying up all night to finish my book, being able to read more than one book in a day, and arguing with my best friend over who got what books first in the piles we would collectively gather together (the sexier the cover, the higher up on our list it was)... getting older, much older than the days I just mentioned, hasn't lessened my love for books. In fact, I appreciate them ever more. I may read a little slower (okay ALOT) fall asleep a little earlier (okay ALOT), and I have a  best friend that I get together with and discuss books with(in fact you can meet her over on our Book Club Thursday page by following the links)but my love for books has never changed. 

I'm one of those book lovers that carry one with me everywhere-hey you never know when you can sneak in a few pages.  And yes, I'm old school when comes to my books- a physical copy in my hands wins over an e-book copy any day.  

I'll read almost anything as long as it sounds or looks good. I've read books based on the cover alone, the reviews (good or bad will draw my attention) what the book is about, or by recommendation.

I was lucky enough to work at a bookstore for many years (it's where I met my BFF) before it closed down.  

These days, you can find me blogging, reading, talking about the written word with my BFF and as always, on the hunt for my next book. 

Lastly, when I post a review, I'll be using a rating system:

1 pair of eyeglasses:   Disappointing 
2 pairs of eyeglasses:  Lukewarm
3 pairs of eyeglasses:  Liked it
4 pairs of eyeglasses:  Adored it
5 pairs of eyeglasses:  Bliss