book club thursday 2019


carpe librum
(seize the book)

Welcome book lovers.

Each week on Thursday, myself and my BFF Ann from over at Romancing the Readers blog about a little something (or more than) book related. We’d love it if you dropped by and read or played along.

Below is a calendar for BCT 2019, and don’t forget we also blog together (just a tidbit really) on Sundays and Fridays about other books (you can learn more about that by visiting the tab at the top of my blog page).


3rd   Trivia Thursday
10th  Golden Oldie
17th  Throwback Thursday
24th   Reading Challenge
31st   Giveaway –hosted by Cyn


7th    Trivia Thursday
14th  Getting to Know Us
21st   Throwback Thursday
28th   Reading Challenge


7th     Trivia Thursday
14th   Getting to Know Us
21st   Throwback Thursday
28th   Reading Challenge


4th    Trivia Thursday
11th   Free Day
18th   Throwback Thursday
25th   Reading Challenge


2nd    Trivia Thursday
9th    Golden Oldie
16th   Throwback Thursday
23rd   Reading Challenge
30th   Giveway- hosted by Ann


6th    Trivia Thursday
13th   Getting to Know Us
20th   Throwback Thursday
27th   Reading Challenge


4th    Trivia Thursday
11th   Golden Oldie
18th  Throwback Thursday
25th   Reading Challenge


1st    Trivia Thursday
8th    Getting to Know Us
15th   Throwback Thursday
22nd   Reading Challenge
29th   Giveaway- hosted by Cyn


5th   Trivia Thursday
12th  Golden Oldie
19th Throwback Thursday
26th  Reading Challenge


3rd   Trivia Thursday
10th  Free Day
17th Throwback Thursday
24th Reading Challenge
31st  Giveaway –hosted by Ann


7th  Trivia Thursday
14th Golden Oldie
21st  Throwback Thursday
28th  Reading Challenge


5th   Trivia Thursday (Holiday)
12th Holiday Book Chat
19th Reading Challenge(Holiday book)
26th 2019 Review/What’s ahead for 2020

In a Nutshell

BCT posts at 0600 CST on both of our blogs.

Trivia Thursday dates feature book related trivia for you to play along /guess.

Golden Oldie(s) dates feature books we have each read and loved.

Getting to Know Us dates feature fun facts about each of us and the like.

Free Days dates are exactly that- anything goes.

Throwback Thursday dates feature a re-post or re-visiting of prior blogs posts.

Reading Challenge dates feature a review of a book that must meet/fit one of our “challenge” themes (we each will pick three challenges from the categories below and also complete our Must Do list):

Book Cover features

One you don’t like
Mis-match (cover doesn’t fit the book)
Trifecta (cover, title, blurb fit perfectly)
Single Person
Body Parts

Clearing Off the Book Shelves


An author whose books you are 2+ behind on
Any new to you author
Start a new series
A book you’ve had for six months or less
A book you’ve had for over a year
A book you’ve had for over five years
A book you keep meaning to read

Must Do

Read any Someday…Sunday you featured

Read any Friday or Sunday book featured by the other blogger  

Reader’s Choice

     Anything Goes
     Just Because
     Double Dip
     Recommended by
     Re read
     Second Chance  
     Try Again
     I really tried, but…        

*Completed challenges 

Giveaways will be books or book themed.

Learn more about us personally by visiting: