book club thursday 2020

welcome book lovers to book club thursday (BCT)

as i often say - carpe librum (or seize the book) 

my name is cyn and each thursday myself and my BFF Ann from over at Romancing the Readers(RTR)will be blogging about various book related themes 

we also blog together on sundays and fridays too but you'll have to visit that page for those details

below is our 2020 line-up - in addition to new art work- we've also changed some things around-keeping what worked and ditching what didn't (or what we were bored of LOL)

we'd love it if you joined in on the fun - especially for our reading challenge which takes place on the 4th thursday each month. so without further ado- here's the fun: 

monthly thursdays will feature:
1st: trivia thursday- think you know books? play along 

2nd: rotating themed blogs:

jan:golden oldie
feb:twice as nice??
mar: we're all Irish on St Paddy's day 
apr: remembering...
may: extra!! extra!!
jun: golden oldie
jul: holiday
aug: summer fun 
sep: twice as nice??
oct: paranormals
nov: remembering...
dec: holiday 

3rd: throwback thursday- we re-visit prior BCT posts

4th: reading challenge - read/review any book fitting the list of themed challenges:

theme:clearing off the book shelves:

read an author whose books you are +2 behind on

read any new to you author

read any series you are +2 behind on 5/28

start a new series- 1/23

read a book you've had for six months or less

read a book you've had for over a year

read a book you've had for over five years 4/23

read a book you keep meaning to read 2/27

theme:covers as in covers feature:

a book with a cover you don't like

mis-match:cover doesn't fit book

trifecta:cover/title/about=perfect 7/23


nature 6/25

single person


body parts 3/26 

reader's choice:

anything goes

just because

double dip

recommended by 


second chance to a previous author

try again:a book you once gave up on

i really tried, but...

i look forward to hearing from you

completed challenges