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Most week days I will be posting on my blog and companion Facebook page as follows:

Mondays: mind full monday - as my mind is typically on books! LOL

Tuesdays: happy release day - highlights books being released that have caught my attention - because books deserve a "book birthday"

Wednesdays: what are you reading? (Facebook only) drop me your current read and I'll share mine.

Thursdays: book club thrusday(bct)-  learn more on the bct tab.

Saturdays: saturday scoop - I'll post a review/scoop on a book I've read or other related book news

Each Sunday and Friday myself and Ann from Romancing the Readers
have some extra fun with posting brief book tidbits and the like. 

In 2019

Sundays are

Spotlight Sunday: we each will be "spotlighting" a book  or book related themes for various reasons 

Fridays are

Rotating topics:

WTF Friday will feature books/book related themes that made us WTF over something 

Future Friday will feature upcoming/soon to be published books that we want to read

Friday Favorites will feature books that have a "favorite" something- cover, title, hero, love scene, etc