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I'll read just about anything if it appeals to me. 

If I agree to review your book, I'll make every effort to get it in done within the month of the request. I also tend to keep my reviews on the shorter side. At this time, I'm pretty open for reviews.

If I turn down your review request, I'd still be happy to try to help promote your work(see below for details)


For Reviews, Cover Reveals, Guest Posts, Excerpts, ETC

I prefer HTML because sometimes my blog is very busy.

If you send me a Media Kit, I may change some of the colors or format (but not necessarily the content) to fit the look of my blog.

I'd like the the PROMO materials about ONE WEEK ahead of time for any scheduled promotion on my blog.

Please note that I work with other tour/promotion groups and I cannot promise that yours will be the top post. That said I typically have all posts on my blog live between 0330 and 0430.

Even if I don't place something on my blog, I may agree to share to Facebook and or other social media. 

I always try to share my blog posts on my Facebook Page of the same name, Pinterest, my own personal Facebook account (Cyndi Santolin Delia), and Twitter 

I reserve the right to refuse the promotion if I feel the content or materials are in any way (at least in my opinion) vulgar or offensive. 


Please send all requests to me via my email:

Please include:

* Type of post requested

* Date(s) of promotion requested

* General book information 

Thank you for your consideration