If you don't know what those two letters stand for, you are missing out!

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RT = Romantic Times.

Now, don't let the Romantic throw you.  

So here's a few things:

RT Book Reviews is a monthly magazine that reviews, on average,close to 300 books in each issue. Yes, most of the books are in the romance genre but Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Gen Fiction also get a share. Personally, I wish they would add a Non-Fiction section too (biographies, cook books humorous essays etc) ...maybe someday.

But I've gone off topic. 

RT (or RT Con), can also refer to Romantic Times Convention. And that is actually what I'll be blogging about below.

Each year, in a different part of of USA, readers, authors, bookseller, librarians, publishers (you get the idea) convene for HUGE get together filled with parties, workshops, panels, and um... more parties. The cost for the (approx one week) get together might seem high, but the memories, friendships you'll make, and goodies (books books and more books)are well worth it. Plus there is a HUGE author book signing where you could score a book signed by one of your favorite authors.

Trust me, there are plenty of parties and chances to eat, drink and be merry - AND while you are doing that, there's nothing like turning to the person next to you and realizing it's an author you LOVE. Like when I sat next to Sharon Sala at a luncheon and didn't realize it was her until she stood and I actually saw her name badge! Or when I pulled the Wayne and Garth "We're not worthy" move on another author(Marjorie Liu) who laughed and promptly told me she was stealing the move to use on her own favorite author(another author I later used the move on  who laughed and asked if Marjorie got the move from me. LOL).

 Although RT Con is mostly women, each year more and more male authors and attendees are popping up. Oh, and did I mention the cover models...

Now I know by the title of this blog post you might be wondering....

I've embarrassed myself more than once by having total FAN GIRL reactions(see above), and I've paid for a dance( NOT THAT KIND .... LOL) with a cover model to raise money for charity but all in all I behave. 

That may change this year..... it's in New Orleans.

Up next week- It's A NOLA Thing ( New Orleans themed romances)


Check back because in the following weeks my friends and I will be giving away some SIGNED books and other goodies we'll bring back from RT Con. 

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