Reading is(Still) Sexy

I've run my own book club(Reading is Sexy) for many years. And through those years my club has gone through many changes including membership, to how books are chosen, and even how I run the meetings.

We meet once a month and in between all the food, drink and catching up on life, we talk about books. I should point out that we strictly read romance. Which may sound fun or easy, but in reality can be quite challenging when trying to choose a book to read. Certain members won't (and I mean flat out refuse) to read some types of books and we tend to shy away from a group of authors but only because they are dear to (some) of our hearts and no matter how hard I try to keep ugly comments out, sometimes it happens. I mean who wants to hear a favorite author ripped to shreds?

The are perks to the club- we have read books maybe we wouldn't normally choose and have discovered some new authors that have earned a place on our auto-buy lists. We also spend time talking about other books we have read and what they've meant to us (good, bad and ugly).

The group I've been with now has met for many years and friendships have been forged, with each other and the books we have been able to share with one another.