Thanks for stopping by our Book Club Thursday(BCT) for our Free Day.

Our Free Day is actually,exactly what it sounds like. Myself, and my two best friends (your BCT Bloggers) will be blogging about everything and or anything book related this week. To find out more about us and BCT please check the Pages at the of my Blog. 

I have a confession. I kind of HATE Free Days.

I can either never remember my idea(s) for said Blog or I sit and the big ole goose egg joins me on my lap.

It's now a day later(it being Wednesday) from when I started scheduling this Blog Post, and I still am drawing a blank...or am I?

A conversation with a FB friend I was having this morning just sparked an idea...

I'll do some set up:

I just changed my cover photo on my personal FB page to a "horror" movie character themed scene. This prompted a brief conversation; my friend said he liked horror movies so we chatted about them. By the way -I'm an old school fan- the less CGI the better(in all my movies). So... that led me to my Free Day idea... movie adaptations of novels. For the purpose of today's Blog, I'm not just talking about Romance. 

I've long cringed in horror(no pun intended) when I hear about ANY novel to movie undertaking(again no pun intended...LOL). As a reasonably educated adult, I understand(but not happily) that for a multitude reasons when novels are adapted into movies, sometimes things may need to be changed.  

I also understand(again doesn't mean I like it) that many times an author has no control or say so in anything depending on the terms/how their work is acquired for a movie adaptation. In a nutshell, I try(operative word) to completely avoid watching these movies(typically only if I've read the book- because hey how do I know what I'm missing/or not otherwise?) 

So when I have decided to watch what I've read, my biggest beefs(try saying that ten times fast...ha ha) are:

Casting: Drastically altering the character's identity: like sex/looks/age/behavior. If the author didn't write it, don't change it! Especially if the author has written a series, and there is chance more books may be turned into movies...kind of hard if the series is about three brothers and movie one makes it two brothers and a sister... So adding/subtracting stuff drives me nuts! I'm not referring to condensing the plot necessarily because I understand that a 300 page book might mean an eight hour movie... 

"Hollywood" Ending: In a recent Blog post I mentioned that because life isn't always sunshine and cake, I don't want/need my books to be either. I feel the same way about my movies. I can think of a few movies where a book's sad character(s) deaths don't occur in the movie, or the sad/horrible ending(s) or plot points are resolved differently(hence the happy/"Hollywood"/sunshine and cake endings). 

Oh, I could bather on and on, and I purposely left out mentioning any particular adaptations, but I'd love to hear/read what you have to say on the matter (name away!).

Thank you again for stopping by.