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This week we have a theme(kind of) and are talking all about:

Which Series Would be Your New Home? 

This question isn't as easy to answer as I thought. 


Mainly because I can't think of just one.


Maybe, just maybe, because I'm trying to be realistic? (cue my laughter)

A futuristic might pose problems- your loved ones are gone, and gee, maybe life as you know it...

A historical, yeah NO THANKS (women have come too far, and still we have a ways to go)...

Paranormals or U/F? Hm, maybe but I'd still HUMAN.

Yeah, I guess I'm taking some FUN (okay ALL) out of this. (more laughter)


I'd probably pick the series of books by Teri Wilson set in Aurora, Alaska.  

I've never been to Alaska, but it's on my Bucket List.

These are a set of  romances published by Harlequin Love Inspired (five so far- I need to catch up, I've only read a few but own them all, Ms. Wilson is on my auto-buy list) 

They are sweet and magical, with great characters, and an uplifting tone. I think the animals, setting and that coffee bar score HUGE points for me too!

I highly recommend that you join me and visit this heart warming series. (I've included buy links and excerpt link below for the first book in the series).


April 7th:

Clearing Off the Book Shelves