My name is Cyndi and I'd like to thank you for stopping by for another round of book talk on Book Club Thursday (BCT).

Each week myself and two best friends (Ann and Karen) blog all about books or book related themes. To learn more about each of us and BCT please take a peek at the page tab at the top of my blog.

This week's theme is: 

This theme relates to each of us reading a book by the same author that we have not read. You get the idea-we are behind on the author's book and can read any one of them that we want. 

We all needed to read a book by Lori Foster and I chose:

Grade school teacher Carlie McDaniels trades in her frumpiness for the look of an exotic harem girl, at least for one costume party. So long, spinsterhood--and hello, tall, dark and handsome Tyler Ramsey....

Even after the best night of their lives, Tyler hasn't guessed the identity of his harem hottie...and Carlie plans on keeping him in the dark. After all, a gorgeous guy like Tyler would never fall for his smart-talking best friend. And Carlie's not sure she wants to know what would happen if he ever unveiled the naked truth!

I can't quite recall when I discovered Ms. Foster or what book of her's it was but it was probably at least 15 plus years ago.

I recall that I then when out and located every book of hers that I could find both new and used(I have all her early Harlequin Blaze's in the original print editions). 

So when we decided to "catch up" on Ms. Foster, I located her very first book (packed away unread).

I'm so glad I did!

I really enjoyed Carlie and Tyler. 

If you have read Ms. Foster before you know that she writes great characters and has an amazing sense of humor and real life in her stories. It's evident here in Impetuous. 

I loved the fact that both Carlie and Tyler act very human. Both act like jerks more than once in their thoughts and actions...BUT that's real life! Plus I loved that they called themselves out on their own thoughts/behaviors. They knew when they were wrong and admitted/acknowledged it in some way.

I will say I was a bit heartbroken for Tyler. He tried to so hard to have others view him in a different light but it didn't always work out for him.  

Although it is a tad dated(due to/reflective of the year it was published) I still highly recommend this book 

Not easy to find a new (single)copy in print but there are several re-printed versions and some editions featuring this novel and another of Ms.Foster's. I've just provided links for e-book editions of this novel.