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That sounds so much better than book haters doesn't it!  LOL 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my "scoop" (I'm all about the short sweet spoiler free style of reviewing) about a book I've read. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments, if you have any, about this novel. I'd also love to hear about your favorite novel by this author (if there is/you have one). 

A vampire aristocrat, Peyton is well aware of his duty to his bloodline: mate with an appropriate female of his class and carry on his family’s traditions. And he thought he’d found his perfect match—until she fell in love with someone else. Yet when his split-second decision in a battle with the enemy endangers the life of another trainee, Peyton has to face the idea that his future, and his heart, actually lie with another.

Novo, as a female in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training program, feels like she has to prove herself to everybody—and she has no interest in being distracted by falling in love. But when Peyton proves to be so much more than a rich playboy, she is forced to confront the tragedy that has broken her soul and closed her off from love.

As the two grapple with Novo’s past and Peyton’s present, another couple must contend with a connection that is unparalleled—and potentially scandalous. Saxton, who has had his heart broken, discovers in himself a deep-seated attraction to Ruhn, a new member of the household. But will the other male explore the connection? Or will he close his mind and his heart to what could be true love . . . and cost Saxton everything?

In my humble opinion, for lack of a better way of putting it, this novel was almost a sweeter side of Ms Ward. 

And that is not a bad thing. Perhaps it was me, but this had a more romantic deep vibe/tone to it and was less violent and action packed than previous novels. Again, not a bad thing. 

The intensity in Ms Ward's writing is still strong here and despite focusing on the love stories of two couples, neither one suffered/lacked development. I really enjoyed the direction and feel of this novel.

Also this is the first time I felt a book of Ms Ward's was less connected (per se) to the others in the main Black Dagger Brotherhood books, however it is connected (it is book #3) in the Black Dagger Legacy series. Hope that made sense!

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