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Today, myself and Romancing the Readers are offering up our views on this same topic.

As I've gotten older, those "naughty bits" in books kind of ... well to be honest, either bore me or turn me off rather than on. And for the purposes of my views today, I am NOT referring to erotica.  

In my romance/ficition I actually prefer the more is less. In fact, sometimes just a few well written very explicit sentences or scant paragraphs can be more sexy/effective than pages and pages and pages of descriptions. 

Sometimes too, it seems like some sex scenes are either too over the top, not needed or added as an after thought. I'm all about a love scene or two etc but not when it totals up to like 25% of the book. 

Also in my opinion, sexy scenes are different than sex scenes and again, can sometimes be hotter than the act itself. 

Plenty of authors are skilled at both the sex/sexy scenes. In my opinion here are a few: J R Ward, Katee Robert, Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maya Rodale (in no order). 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about today's topic and any of your favorite writers.  

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