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Welcome Book Lovers

That sounds so much better than book haters doesn't it!  LOL 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my "scoop" (I'm all about the short sweet spoiler free style of reviewing) about a book I've read. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments, if you have any, about this novel. I'd also love to hear about your favorite novel by this author (if there is/you have one). 

I just posted this last week but since the book is out Tuesday...


Anne Ashburn is a woman consumed...

By her bitter family legacy, by her scorched career as a firefighter, by her obsession with department bad-boy Danny McGuire, and by a new case that pits her against a fiery killer.

Strong-willed Anne was fearless and loved the thrill of fighting fires, pushing herself to be the best. But when one risky decision at a warehouse fire changes her life forever, Anne must reinvent not only her job, but her whole self.

Shattered and demoralized, Anne finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind. She doesn't believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for her job again--until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze.

Danny McGuire is a premiere fireman, best in the county, but in the midst of a personal meltdown. Danny is taking risks like never before and seems to have a death wish until he teams up with Anne to find the fire starter. But Danny may be more than a distraction, and as Anne narrows in on her target, the arsonist begins to target her.

If you notice, I didn't assign any value to my review in terms of how much I loved/didn't love this book.

To be honest, I am a bit bummed. 

Okay...more than a bit. 

It wasn't that I didn't like this...And this is by far one of the more difficult reviews I have ever written. 

I mean, I LOVED Ms Ward's Bourbon Kings series (yeah, I know I'm in the minority with that) so I was expecting this contemporary novel to be a bit similar in flavor/tone. 

Maybe it was me...but it wasn't. 

Don't get me wrong. There are some HUGE pluses to this book. There are places where the novel shines with the humor and character interactions...yet there are places where it(meaning EVERYTHING) is lacking . 

You both get and know the idea going in that this is a series, but I wished for some better set up at the end rather than the lack of being cut off- more like a dropped the ball/forgot about it type of way. 

In fact this novel was more like a  watered down version of Ms Ward and in places felt like two different people wrote it. 

There are some way over the top moments and not in a good way. Also, towards the end the way Anne treats Danny is inexcusable and deplorable and the resolution of this frankly, sucked. 

Overall Consumes was just okay. 

Am I a sucker(still) for Ms Ward's books? YUP

Will I read the next one in this series? YUP (well,