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carpe librum 

seize the book - what a perfect thought! 

welcome book lovers

Each Sunday myself and my BFF Ann from Romancing the Readers
will be featuring /shining the spotlight on a book or book related themes.  Maybe it's a book we read and loved or maybe it's something we can't wait to read or a burning question we have...well you get the idea!

We also blog together on Book Club Thursdays (aka BCT) and on Fridays (various features).

Today my feature is:

So on my mind full monday blog, I asked what author has never disappointed you? 

Today, I'm spotlighting those authors that have. 

Maybe they killed off a character


Maybe they never finished their series (although this may be out of their control) 


Well you get my idea...I'd love to know who and why (try to keep it spoiler free)