bookish minds want to know

carpe librum 

seize the book

I think about books and book related quotes, jokes, comics, items get the idea...quite a bit.

So in the spirit of that here is mind full monday... as in my mind is always full of books and nosy about books & things related to books!  LOL

are magazines dead?

it may seem that way because so many are no longer being published or went to digital format only. maybe it's just me and i feel that way because many are titles i once loved and miss. however, when i go into a bookstore - Barnes and Noble in particular- and see a WALL of them...

yeah - they really don't seem ready to go the way of the dinosaur...yet.

i was once a magazine junkie and probably subscribed and /or bought about 15-20 titles and so much (again, certain titles are no longer published).

i don't really even have a favorite title anymore. 

ah, well that just leaves more time for BOOKS!  LOL