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welcome book lovers

each friday myself and my BFF ann from Romancing the Readers
will be briefly featuring various book related topics

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today is future friday:

i couldn't wait for this book when it came out and typical of me, it still sits unread!  I did move the book into my bedroom bookcase, so hopefully i'll get to it soon! LOL 

When Janey Sweet, CEO of a couture wedding gown company, is photographed in the front row of a fashion show eating a bruffin--the delicious love child of a brioche and a muffin--her best friend and business partner gives her an ultimatum: lose thirty pounds or lose your job. Sure, Janey has gained some weight since her divorce, and no, her beautifully cut trousers don't fit like they used to, so Janey throws herself headlong into the world of the fitness revolution, signing up for a shockingly expensive workout pass, baring it all for Free the Nipple yoga, and spinning to the screams of a Lycra-clad instructor with rage issues. As Janey eschews carbs, pays thousands of dollars to wellness gurus, and is harassed by her very own fitness bracelet, she can't help but wonder: Did she really need to lose weight in the first place?