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carpe librum 

seize the book - what a perfect thought! 

welcome book lovers

each Sunday myself and my BFF Ann from Romancing the Readers
will be featuring /shining the spotlight on a book or book related themes.  maybe it's a book we read and loved or maybe it's something we can't wait to read or a burning question we have...well you get the idea!

we also blog together on Book Club Thursdays (aka BCT) and on fridays (various features).

today my feature is:

ordering from overseas

have you ever ordered a book from overseas? 

i've ordered several titles from amazon uk  from several european authors that i fell in love after reading their american published titles. many times the american titles have completely  different covers and arrive ONE year after being published there! so yes, the extra money to get the book ONE year (sometimes more) before it is published here is worth it! plus it's more like paying full price for hardback here (meaning that $25 hardback really costs that)